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  1. Just because I'm not sure of how permanent this hyper-link is, I converted it to a stand alone file on valve.pdf valve.pdf valve.pdf valve.pdf valve.pdf valve.pdf valve.pdf valve.pdf valve.pdf
  2. Welcome to the Tackleunderground, the custom tackle creative center of the universe. I think it is only fair to warn you that tackle making, in all of it's many formats, is extremely addictive. Several members have banned together to develop a 12 step recovery program, but progress has been slow... anytime you put two or more tackle junkies together, they stop working on the recovery program and discussing new ideas for constructing quality custom tackle and the next thing they're looking for a new air brush, or taking apart microwave ovens for low RPM motors to make new lure drying wheel. So again, Welcome On Board... and for the sake of your family and loved ones, make sure you take great pains to vent any odors, hide any feathers, hair, or thread, and NEVER swipe your wife or girlfriends nail polish, hair drier, or deep frier to feed your tackle junkie addiction, because its never pretty and could leave them lasting scares.
  3. The ice fishing in North Central Wisconsin was pretty sad for the kids and I Saturday. Nothing on the tip up, nothing jigging, and 4 misses via tip downs. My son foolishly loaned me the use of his quad runner and I had a blast on the ice. My first, my son was on the back and about 25 feet into the run, he jumped off because the minnow bucket lost its top. I got all the back to shore, about 3/4 of a mile before discovered he wasn't there... So back I went and he said to go on back and get his sister, better known on TU as fish face. She was about 100 meters behind him. As I got closer to her, I drove a little wide right and did a great 180 degree power slide coming right next to her. In the past, I had logged over 32,000 miles on motorcycles, but zero on a quad before Saturday. I just wish I could find words to describe the look on her face ; I think she thought her moments on earth could be measured on one hand. All said and done, it was a great day fishing with the kids. Just like the ones we shared 22 years ago... Only that was fishing in Spring, Summer, and Fall on open water, with biting bugs, sun burn, and me getting to fish in between baiting hooks, untangling knotted fishing line, and settling any number of different arguments. On a positive note, at least they throw fish guts at each other. I think we're all looking forward to warmer weather for our next fishing trip.
  4. reel doctor - I've noticed that before with stirrup clevises and I use them so the longer arm is facing the line tie. It seems to help the blade get spinning a little more freely. IMHO As a rule, I don't use the folded clevises. I had a few with the folded ends were crushed (from Herter's - like 25 or 30 years ago) and have avoided the type ever since. Oops; I hope I didn't just date myself too badly!
  5. It maybe its time for some help from above... Evergreen International's Boeing 747 Fire Fighter or the US Modular Airborne FireFighting System (MAFFS) I checked and Australia flies the Lockheed C-130 Hercules that the MAFFS was designed for. MAFFS 2 is the next-generation roll-on, roll-off firefighting system designed to air-drop fire-retardant chemicals used in fighting forest fires. MAFFS 2 is an integral tool for battling large wildfires. Any time there are such difficult areas with large bush fires like the US West Coast, Australia, Spain, France, etc., it would be great to see these types of systems deployed where they are needed, when they are needed.
  6. It always seems like an up hill, one sided battle to put something new on the market. Between patents, copyrights, and the 10% federal excise tax, it's a wonder anyone ever tries to make or sell a new idea or dream. I have seen Cowgirls and their clones for years, and was surprised last fall to see a new musky spinner in the Rothschild, WI Gander Mountain designed and build in Weston, WI. I don't know why this really surprised me, Antigo, WI has that little spinner bait company called Mepps. I guess dreams can come true and you may be at a point to figure out if there is any interest in your bait at some of the local tackle shops; there are any number of them in small Wisconsin towns. With the economy in the shape its in, this may be a perfect time to find a small manufacturer who is will to work with you to help turn out your baits and keep a few of his guys off the unemployment line. I guess it all boils down to how much do you believe in your dream? Good luck and tight lines.
  7. The previously mentioned, a Member Submitted Tutorial on Hardbait Stencils, by Birdman, was just posted. It makes good use of old plastic milk cartons... I would recommend making extra blank stencils so when a new paint scheme comes to mind, you're ready to go.
  8. Ron, Thanks for taking the time to share your methods for constructing stencils. When completed, they should last for years! Bruce
  9. Your skills continue to surprise and amaze those of us with less. You always seem to push the envelope to the next level. Congrats.
  10. Man, there is a ton of thought in your design; thanks you for sharing it in its raw form. It is truly a beautiful work of art. Keep us posted as development continues.
  11. Milia, While the encouragement from others helps, it's when you run into a problem you just cannot figure out on your own where the membership rises to the occasion. Pete, Watch the sewing machine cracks... Every guy should know how to tailor their own trousers.
  12. Wal-mart US Headquarters is cutting 700 jobs and as I understand it, they only plan to pay their suppliers once every 90 days. They basically changed the 30 day posting to 90 days to save money and they're big enough to say if you don't like it, we'll replace your stuff for someone who does. I wonder if that played a role in D2T being dropped?
  13. Pete, I'm not sure if everyone realizes that Australia is experiencing its worst drought in a century, while flooding is sweeping through the northern state of Queensland. Have the fires remained limited to Victoria state or have they spread? I also saw a report that claimed Australian police suspect that some of the 400 bushfires were caused by arson. If they can find those responsible, I hope they are charged for the murders and destruction caused. We'll keep you in our prayers. Bruce
  14. I think we're going to have problems with this thread unless the rules are complied with... 1. The pictures in this thread should be linked from the gallery, not in the builder's forum. Basic members may meet a limit with the number of photos they can post - see Rule 3 2. The size of the photos posted is not supposed to be larger than 600 x 400 because TU wants to keep the site fast for all, including 56k (dial up) users.
  15. There is a new tutorial that is just about ready to be published by birdman that shows a good method of making repeatable paint stencils. The nice thing is that after you've made them, they should last a while. Hang in there...
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