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  1. For lighter wire hooks. Sheet metal pan ... Light bulb 60 W + Spread the hooks out In the pan and adjust light bulb above to get proper heat..
  2. Been Making Shrimp Tails for many long years .. day in and day out hard to beat most any ones med. Pin fish can "Nip off" any Plastisol. I catch mostly "Specks" & "Reds" with them ... but have a long list of Salt Water and Fresh Water Species that have fallen prey to the Shrimp Tail.
  3. You got that right ... only thing about the political LOON is that yes he is a Super Con Artist or either we are super slow on catching up with them........... The Loon pop. is out of control what do that plan tg do .. more control over our use of lead? "Loony Tunes"
  4. I have a good size program that I have made with FileMaker that I seem to be adding to all the time .. over10 years old. From purchase of raw materials to invoicing on sales. Some can do part of it w/spread sheet ,, I prefer the Data Base approach.
  5. Hilts has some excellent molds and some not so good
  6. Open Eye Foot Ball Jig Heads – for making “Chatter Baits” - Painted Assorted Colors per pack of 7 (Brown, White with Black Back, Chartreuse with Black Back, Blue.) assorted sizes per pack (1/4, 3/8). Hook is Matzuo 90 Degree Jig Hooks Bronze 4/0 #117020-4/0. Foot Ball Head with trailer holder plus easy skirt installation. While they last 4.50 per pack and I pay the freight within the lower 48 states only. Prefer Pay is by Money Order Contact me at jsc8@cox.net.
  7. Straight Wire molded in for converting to a “Chatter Bait” or “In Line spinner” or form the wire into a regular Spinner Bait. Unpainted Both same price = Bag of 10 and I pay shipping in lower 48 only. 4.50 1/4oz. 3/8oz Contact me E Mail jsc8@cox.net Money Order prefered.
  8. Check thread "Chatterbait build"
  9. There is a earlier thread on this subject that goes into detail. Check it Out ... Good information
  10. Ben U been "Bit By The Bug" Good job
  11. Geegeebaits --- Great Pour !
  12. JSC

    First Bucktail

    Ben Looking good now when you do more I don't know how much better it could get
  13. JSC

    Skirt Inventory

    I think what ever method works the best for you .. Fortunately I have in the past worked a lot with FileMaker Pro and I have created a data base thru PO, Work Order and invoices that is pretty well automatic .. Still gotta enter the data ... I am not a spread sheet person .. If I had to build this for some one it would cost a bundle as I have worked on it and tweaked it for over 15 years. ... Depends on how much information you need ....
  14. Just to throw a little more into this. In this photo is how I build one to keep down as much chance of break as I can. The Weakest Point is where the form wire enters the lead as this is where most of the bending takes place .. The Old "Safety Pin" type coil eye has no sharp bends. Sharp bends are one of the biggest breakage points. I think the "Coil Eye" might produce more vibration with this lighter wire. (the photo is not the best .. That is not paint on the wire)
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