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  1. Iv'e used the small plastic cups people above have mentioned...have some with measuring lines some without....lately it seems that the cups are getting "HOT" by the time i finish a 5-6 inch swim bait....anyone else experiencing this issue...is the cup melting appears to make the epoxy "Go Off"....Devcon 2ton 30 min & Bob Smith 30 minute...michel
  2. As Blackjack says..."Bondo is your friend"...been using this method for the last five or so years on my PVC Azek lures...easy to apply easier than most other options to sand smooth...iv'e had zero issues ...just my 2 cents...michel...Go Fish!!!
  3. http://www.alsgoldfish.com/Hook_Bonnets_p/hb-60.htm try this site...60 pcs for $10.29....michel made in America!!!
  4. I recently purchased bonnets for my swim baits hook size 1, 1/0, 2/0...60 pcs for $10.29 plus shipping...i thought a good deal.have pondered this feature for several years...WHY did i wait so long...easy on, easy off...makes dealing with big trebles easier & mentally relaxing...wouldn't hesitate to recommend bonnets !!! this where i found them http://www.alsgoldfish.com/Hook_Bonnets_p/hb-60.htm Good luck...Go Fish!!!
  5. TU painters....i did a search ...answered part of my question (thanks mark P) i would like to use createx & krylon glitter over azek...are any combo's of layering inviting headaches ???Will be using D2Ton for my topcoat...at this time my plan is to use the krylon as final spray over the dorsal side of the lure...the color i believe would be a great bluegill imitation (twilight sky glitter)...thanks for any input...Michel
  6. surfk9

    atomic pumkinseed 2.JPG

    Like your pumpkin seed....great colors/pattern...is it wood or a "poured" bait?
  7. great!!!! thanks for the reply.....
  8. just curious ...site doesn't want to "remember me"...i have to sign in each visit (usually twice)...any suggestions??? thanks, Michel
  9. Nice!!! like your work...from the pic it appears the KBS topcoat produced a matte like appearance is that normal...if so i'll have to try some...
  10. the lure building web site recommended by anglinarcher is where i first learned how to build gliders...great site...iv'e built them from poplar and Azek (thank You Mark).....mine have been in the 6-8 inch slow sink models shaped similar to the "stalker glider"...good luck
  11. I agree Mark... he definitely knows his stuff ...sounds like my youngest son (32) a mechanical engineer...makes it clear to me..lol..michel
  12. I've been using both for over 10 years...have never had a FAIL...caught up to a 9 plus blackie & a 15 lb striper...screwed into poplar and azek...using split rings Owner 50-60#...no problems....But to each his own!
  13. thanks Mark...i"ll definitely be checking out those products...michel
  14. Mark when you refer to "runny" & "gap filling" super glues what are they ie. a brand or viscosity rating ..iv'e looked at my local lumber stores & big box stores have yet to find a a viscosity rating for runny, medium or thick...of course I'm a tile contractor not a carpenter.. i know they are out there just not sure where..thanks, michel
  15. surfk9

    speed trap copy

    Great Job Mark!!! Speed traps are one of my "go to baits" on The Delta...have caught serious #'s & size over the years.. especially in the Orange & Red craw patterns..Thanks to Mark Lassagne he introduced my son and myself to this great lure about 20 years ago while fishing on the Delta..
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