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  1. I paint lots of baits with glitter.... I use KBS, Dip and shake off excess, Then salt and pepper the color glitters where I want them... Then after they dry, add eyes and 1-2 more dips. I have used epoxy the same way. You can add glitter to the epoxy on the first coat too, But you cant do much to seperate colors on the bait. I only glitter the first coat.... Then clear only after that.
  2. Your video is "PRIVATE" and wont play for us....
  3. I see... I just hate using glue,
  4. Why not keep the keeper? Or use a screw lok at the weedguard?
  5. I knew what you were making from the first look at your mold. What holds the plastic on?
  6. Sorry. I missed the "baitkeeper" part you wanted to block off. I bet O rings of the right size would work great.
  7. Sometimes I just pour without the blocker and cut the lead off later.
  8. Nobody can beat the prices here>>> Largest U.S. Manufacturer of Lead Fishing Tackle (castind.com)
  9. Softer plastic should help a lot.
  10. Call Do It Molds... They had Victory hooks make these hooks recently >>> Sneak Peak (custombaits.com)
  11. Works great, But you might want to dip or brush it 2 times before painting.
  12. Just use real hooks and cut off the points just behind the barbs.
  13. I always use a piece of chiffon material between the bottle and cap to strain out any hunks and chunks... $1.00 worth from a craft store will be a lifetime supply.
  14. 21xdc

    Skirt tabs

    Another option Jig Junkie
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