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  1. 21xdc


    This link might help O-ring Temperature Chart : The O-Ring Store LLC, We make getting O-Rings easy! (theoringstore.com)
  2. 21xdc


    I'm sure you can get what you need if you cant find it anyewhere else. The O-Ring Store LLC, We make getting O-Rings easy! (theoringstore.com)
  3. cast ind sells several wire diameters of the drop wire... I like the .051 best. Largest U.S. Manufacturer of Lead Fishing Tackle (castind.com)
  4. 21xdc

    Skirt tabs

    I buy from here... Great service. I normally get my order in 10 days ish.. Look at all 7 pages of tabs as well as other items he sells. Shop - Fishing skirts materials (shartopfishingtackle.com)
  5. Shortys sells in bulk.... 1000 min... Cheap prices. Get what you need and your all set. To me, The special orders are pretty fast. Just order before you need them...
  6. I would call Shortys hooks.. I bet they can order the VMC's for you.... I have ordered stuff from them not offered in the USA.
  7. Munkin can't even catch a bass on a Chatterbait... I doubt he needs a camera. LOL
  8. 21xdc

    Jig hooks

    30* for me...
  9. You might want to try MF Easy Stretch... It sinks.
  10. I'm a KBS diamond clear fan... I'm almost liking this as much... I have done about 50 baits, But I have not fished them yet. Still ice on the lakes here in Michigan.
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