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  1. Where can I buy easy stretch by the gallon?
  2. I misunderstood... I thought it read but ONLY 5 gallon and larger only appears to be available from them "Other Vendors"
  3. I would like to know where else I can buy 5 gallons of easy stretch....
  4. Yes... I read that too... But since it's taking longer to get product, I'd like to get my order in ASAP... Mark, Maybe you could buy my order in person and ship it to me. You know I'll pay ya.
  5. 21xdc

    Tamco HC 9500

    I'm not a fan of having to mix any 2 part products... Pick your poison. LOL
  6. Correct... I'm not blind or stupid... LOL..
  7. It's been a week at least... No call back... Please post the tele # you see on their site. I don't facebook.
  8. Has anyone bought from here? How is the quality? Do they inject good? Cost of custom molds? Thank You.
  9. I can not get my order to take on the web site... I found a telephone number, called and left a message to call me back... I have not heard back. I have tried multiple times... Maybe I have an old number. Can someone post or PM me a good number to reach them for a telephone order? Thank you...
  10. Somewhere between $50-$80... I cant remember... Actually, I paid $80 and sold for $50 LOL... I do remember. I bought from e-bay, and sold it to a fellow tackle maker.
  11. I just sold mine a little while ago... I only poured 25 heads with it. I didn't like it.
  12. Where is the best place to buy MF Easy Stretch? I cant order on line for some reason. I called and left a message to return my call.... No call returned.
  13. I use Folk Art Metallic Peridot... A lot.
  14. https://www.alternativelures.com/product-page/alternative-to-duo-realis-spybait-90
  15. 21xdc

    Spy Baits

  16. .024 as it has the thickest fibers.
  17. Dip or brush KBS Diamond Clear for me... I'm not atomizing this caustic product. Not going to ruin my airbrush's either.
  18. I sent you a text... I did not get a reply. ... Yet.
  19. I prefer to text you pics etc... PM me your tele # I took a pic of what I have... Ready to send when I get your number...
  20. I prefer to text you pics etc... PM me your tele #
  21. I have a few different large sizes and some huge ones too... I'll never use them. I'll try and look for them tonight after work. If I remember, and if I can find them LOL.
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