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    One of my favorites.

    I couldn't make a 6in blade bait "swim" because it's too long. Like an arrow, The longer it is, The straighter it flies. I do make some 3.5 in that swim awesome.
  2. 21xdc

    Matzuo hooks

    replace with Eagle Claw Lil' Nasty. Much better. https://www.ebay.com/itm/100-Eagle-Claw-500R-Red-Pro-V-Lil-Nasty-Sickle-Style-Jig-Hooks-for-Molds/392098487531?hash=item5b4ae41ceb:g:2m8AAOSwBChbbIxG:sc:USPSFirstClass!48186!US!-1 https://www.captainhookswarehouse.com/products/500r .
  3. MF makes an "easy stretch" that I love for trailers and swim baits... Fairly soft and super durable... Look it up.
  4. also old shower pan liners and roofing material.
  5. I have 300+ lbs of sheet lead and it's soft... I never saw any plastic on mine. Peel it off first if you can. If not, I'd melt it in a junk pot and pour ingots to use later in your good pot.
  6. https://www.captainhookswarehouse.com/store/products/hooks-by-type/treble-hooks/
  7. Eagle Claw L3886BP is a great hook.
  8. I use a cone shaped bit in my dremel tool. Works great for me.
  9. It all depends on the patents that are carried and up to date on the original... many have no patents or cant get one because it's not different enough from others to apply. This is a good watch...
  10. I use O rings... So I make a skirt, Slide it on to the jig, Then slide another O ring on after the skirt onto the jig barb. This also make a jig skirt flare out nice... Works for me.
  11. Yes... I think it should be thinned some with xylol/xylene ... 10-20% The key to durability is it gets harder every day for up to 3 weeks.
  12. Coupon Code: EB520 Gets you 20% off and free shipping.
  13. Awesome tubes! I think changing plastics will solve the issue.
  14. Dremel tool and small ball bits. Take your time and take a little at a time off.
  15. Epoxy will not work on suspending jerkbaits… It is a thick and heavy clear that makes you bait sink like a rock. KBS Diamond Clear works much better. But I wont spray it through my brush's. I'll dip or quickly brush it on and hang or turn. If you are painting topwater or crankbaits, Epoxy might be fine for you. I don't like thick clear coats as it will rob some action.
  16. I purchase by the Qt. I might buy a pint the next time. Open it up, pour it in a mason jar for storage. Keep the rim of the glass clean and wiped off before you replace the lid. Or you will never get the lid off again. Keep the jar open as little as possible. It lasts a very long time. I suggest you try the smaller size first. About once a month I get an e-mail with a coupon code of 15% off or free shipping. There should be one coming soon.
  17. Just leave the eyelet as the drip point. I stick the hook in foam with the eyelet facing down. Or rotate. After a few hours pick off the drip on the eye.
  18. I think it's your mixing method. But I quit using epoxy 5 years ago. If you start using KBS diamond clear and thin it with xylol/xylene I'm confident you will be happier.
  19. Yep. Easy to do. Put the wire frame, hook in the mold. Lay the WDB-1000 in the mold where you want it, Close the mold and squeeze in a vice. Then you will see "Witness marks" where the form needs to go. Barely and slowly remove mold material on both sides equally until the mold closes completely.
  20. I think that is called the Glider jig...
  21. Bass/Walleye/Pike … This product keeps getting harder over time.... 3 weeks to fully cure. But I fish with mine in 2 days.
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