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  1. That makes sense. In this case, I'm not worried about getting my master back, but I just think the POP will crack and the mold will look like it's missing some teeth! I've always used POP to make my molds, but I'll try using silicone. I'm sure it's similar to POP. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I'll take a look at Smooth On.
  2. I need to make a two piece mold for my 3D printed bait. It's printed in PLA with a lot of thin walls, like a ring worm but the rings are a lot closer. I was just wondering if anyone has tried something like this with POP and if the POP will separate fine with all those thin walls? Is there something I can spray on the PLA master that would help when it came time to separate the two pieces of POP?
  3. Does anyone know where I could get a spoon blank like the Nichol's Ben Parker Magnum Flutter Spoon. It's 8" and weighs 3.5 oz.
  4. That double a-rig is really cool!
  5. I just took a look at the gallery. Good work. I like the way the heat shrink looks.
  6. That sounds awesome! Do you have any pictures?
  7. Great ideas. I knew there was a better way!
  8. How do you store your skirt tabs. I have a bunch and just throw them in a box. It's a challenge to see everything sometimes. I'm sure there's a better way and hoping someone can share some photos.
  9. That's a cool little bait. Nice work.
  10. Thanks for the help. I couldn't tell if those were crimps or some other new component. Thanks for having my back darkman!
  11. tigerfire

    Flash Mob

    I'm looking at creating an A-rig like Yum's Flash Mob. How do they attach those blades to the wires? And where can I order that component?
  12. Got around to pouring into the wood last night. No problems at all. I didn't coat the wood with anything, just poured plastic straight into the cavity. I waited for the plastic to cool to 300 degrees on the first couple of pours, but after that I was pouring at 330 degrees. I'm sure I could have poured it even hotter if needed. I didn't see any problems with the wood after the pouring.
  13. Good ideas. I need to keep the wood untouched so I can't coat it with anything. Maybe the Pam or WD40 but I need to see if they contain water. I'm more concerned about damaging the wood.
  14. Can you pour hot plastic into a wooden mold and get a bait out? I have a wood cavity that I wanted to pour plastic into, but I didn't know if the plastic would stick to the wood or if the wood would be able to handle the heat of the plastic? I'm not a wood guy, so I don't know what kind of wood. I just need to get one or two pours out of it.
  15. Cool video. I only need to make about 5 of these weights. So, I'm not too concerned about the life span. It sounds like bondo may be the way to go. Do the bondo molds get sealed like a pop mold? Thanks for the info everyone!
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