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  1. The valve (faucet) screws in. There's a knockout plug in the cap. You unscrew the cap, knock out the plug, screw the valve (faucet) in and screw the cap back on. I've never had to stir MF regular, it doesn't settle out like some. You can always pick the container up and slosh - shake it up some if you want.
  2. My experience with Zeiners is that just because it lets you put it in the cart doesn't mean it's in stock.
  3. 5 gallons MF soft sinking $155 5 gallons dead on black $110 And now that MF has free shipping.... well.
  4. Not the last time I checked.....
  5. https://www.youtube.com/user/franksrooty2
  6. Good luck with the move. I grew up in Narragansett. You're going to save a ton of money just in taxes.
  7. Depends on the mold. You need to raise the pot somehow anyway if you put a valve on it.
  8. The problem I see with a valve in the middle of the pot is having to reach under the pot to activate it. As for hearing the valve, I use the heating element from a glue gun.
  9. Not that I've been told. I do know he left us way too soon.
  10. I just found out that Del Wilcox of Delmart molds passed yesterday morning. One of they guys who helped a lot of us get started in this addiction. RIP my friend.
  11. Anyone have a recipe?
  12. bryanmc


    Who made the injector?
  13. A friend gave me a gallon of MF bounce that had been sitting a few years. It was hard-packed probably 1/2" deep on the bottom. I poured off about half of the liquid, then cut the off the top of the jug where it starts to neck down. This let me get to the hard pack with a scraper and a drill mounted paint mixer. It took a while but I was eventually able to get all the hard-pack dissolved into the remaining liquid and then combined it in a new jug with what I had poured off in the beginning. Sounds like a lot of work bu not too bad. As an aside, I really like that plastic. I poured some 6 3/4" cut tails with it and when you put them on a shaky head the back 1/2 of the worn floats up at about a 45 degree angle.
  14. Best way I've found to store salt was posted by Del on here a long time ago. Quaker oatmeal container with cut up squares of cardboard box mixed in with the salt.
  15. Lurecraft has squid scent as well.
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