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  1. Hey guys. Long time no see. As the season for Hickory and American shad gets near, I'm not sure what to tie for them. I mean, I can tie anything. But I'd like to see or hear about new patterns.
  2. So it's been well over a month(11/7/08) now since I placed my first and last order with TCO flyshop. I only ordered a few things, a stacker, some dub, roll of thread, about $20 worth. It has taken them since Nov 7th, a dozen emails and 2 phone calls (1 from the owner, apologizing) More than month later I finally get a part of the order, my dub, then the thread, and finally a stacker I didn't even order. I emailed them back and was assured the new stacker was on it's way via UPS, that was days ago. I give up, they aren't going to pull through for me, it's already cost them twice the value of the order THEY screwed up. So if you are considering dealing with TCO, think about this thread.
  3. Hey Fatman thanks!! I have only posted on one other board so now I'm curious. But I went to Danville and wasn't able to get those color charts or the info you found. Fat or otherwise you ARE the man!
  4. I am looking high and low for LARGE Flo green chart chenille. I can find any other color every made but that one. The only place it shows up is in the Antron catagory. I'd like to keep things consistent, especially if I intend to sell one day. If you know of a place, and I have alreayd scoured places like Barlows, Janns, Cabelas, etc. please let me know.
  5. I took the time to read up on Snakehead this year in hopes of getting my 5 year old out for a few before cold weather comes. In this time I learned that they breed at a ratio of 5:1 bass for cycles of spawning. They literally breed 5 times a year. They are here to stay. No amount of explosives, chemicals or electroshock is going to remove them. Like I said in the previous posts, they didn't overtake the waters as was originally feared, nor are they climbing over land and moving into creeks and ponds. They have stayed put in the shallow flats and tributaries for now. I personally don't believe they are going anywhere, they are bordered in like our rare Washington DC sturgeon. We don't get floods like out in the midwest, our water goes into the Chesapeake, all salt from there. Secondly there are reports of bass feasting on schools of baby snakehead. This could be a new food source for bass. I'm hoping before fall I can get my kid into Dogue Creek with a bucket of minnows and post some pics for you guys.
  6. I'm only repeating what the states of Md and Va as well as DC are saying. Aquia creek is already part of the locality for which they were originally found on the tidal Potomac. They sure aren't coming up the Potomac, I live here and I know all fish stop at the falls, it's roughly 50 feet straight up. They aren't going past brackish waters of of the extreme lower Potomac, and they refuse to use deep water like the Washington channel. So they are pretty trapped.
  7. So happens I live near Snakehead central Virginia where is all got started. So far so good! The local bass pros have been fishn' snakehead last couple of years and the fish are extremely limited to local waters. They can't climb the falls at Great Falls, which is dynamite smallmouth fishn' BTW. They can't survive the salt of tidal Potomac so they are trapped for now. As it stands the locals have honed in on the Snakeheads and been fishing them as fast as they breed. Theres no laws on taking them except that you have to kill it and report it. My son and I have been planning on a trip to Dogue Creek this summer for Snakehead, for the table and the experience. The locals have embraced them for sport and food. Didn't turn out as bad as everyone thought. Snakehead FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Our biggest concerns have been the mystery fish kills on the James and Shenandoah rivers. The smallies have just died and disappeared.
  8. You mentioned the South? I have had a problem in the past with Florida in particular.
  9. Brian_Va

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    bring em to my house!!!
  10. I'm huge fan of Diawa too. I learned years ago that Shimano despite it's popularity, sometimes only puts in about half of the ball bearings they claim to. Doing so probably on the assumption not too many people take apart new reels and count bearings.
  11. Are you actually reeling up the broken knot? If you are then you really need to use a round smooth point to clean your jig eyes. If you use something with an edge on it, thats probably your problem. Those stainless dental picks are good at popping out paint without burring up the hook eye.
  12. dare I comment on the pink Crocs? Nope! I'll stick with my Realtree Camo flip flops.
  13. I discovered Janns many years before I found Barlows and they are first rate.
  14. If the crack is that close to the butt, then you might get by with epoxying the hole/crack and wrap it for looks.
  15. A: I only tie my own, because B: store bought blow apart. I almost exclusively use nymphs for trout. #14 16 and 18 bead head pheasant tail. Micro muddler minnows (like the kind at Orvis). San Juan worms and various bead heads.
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