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  1. reelmn

    Matzuo hooks

    Friends, I am in need of Matzuo #149060 red sickle hooks in size 1 and/or 2. This is the traditional wire jig hook.
  2. I am making a fluid bed with several paint cups. What is the material I glue to the bottom of the cup to let the air pass through?
  3. reelmn

    Blade bats

    I also use the double hook as opposed to treble and am completely satisfied.
  4. reelmn

    Blade bats

    Friends, I airbrush nickel and brass blade baits using Createx paint. What brand/ kind of sealant is used to protect the paint from chipping?
  5. I airbrush blade(shad) lures with Createx then dip them in clear finish polyurethane. Is there something else I could use in place of the poly????
  6. reelmn

    correct glue

    I cast blade baits and can't get the plastic stick-on eyes to stay in place. I have tried Super glue with no luck and need a suggestion. What do the rest of you use??????
  7. I have been casting my blade baits with babbit instead of lead for the past three years. Any others doing the same thing???
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