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    Fishing for bass in all the lake chains in and around central Fl. Including the "big" lake....Okeechobee.
    Plus many sections of the St Johns` River.

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  1. Check out............... Replacementparts.com They have 15 in stock. $3.99 ea. Toll free# 855-343-0069.
  2. Welcome to your," warm and fuzzy " self.
  3. Deep water Psychedelic. Bass would be addicted to that. I like it.
  4. Just enough of everything so nothing overpowers anything. A fish catcher for sure.
  5. Man,that thing is crazy. Translation: A deep diver with street cred. That would put them in the boat.
  6. Come loud or go home. Deep diver. Really that that!
  7. Braided Line


    Can`t really tell how big/little those are but if there`re on the smaller side they would be great for schooling Bass. Maybe one with a red eye would add to the attraction. Nice.
  8. Braided Line


    Whoa...... What a great design/ color! Fits the word different. Really cool.
  9. Braided Line


    I am guessing here but I`ll bet that lure has a nice side to side movement when it`s twitched. Kind of like a spook.
  10. All your presentations are outstanding. Detail. Finish. Initial body design. Those puppies get my vote. Hi-5.
  11. The creative schemes on your lures are eye catching! Well outside the of the norm. Just plain nice to look at............... Hi-5 !
  12. Braided Line

    cedar baits21.jpg

    I`m a Color guy. That puppy has "color." You got my vote. A tip of the hat.
  13. How bout a small telephone tie ? Cut of the tag end so it`s out of the way. JSN
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