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    black squarebill.jpg

    There are times when simple creates something worth while. Shinny Black with that eye catching Red eye is an example. Fist bump.
  2. Check the STAFF page . They are still listed as being here.
  3. Braided Line


    I like this. You won`t find many ( if any) showing the gill area. Nice touch.
  4. Way to put some giddy-up in that puppy. The "eye" is the cherry on top. Fist bump.
  5. Necessity is the mother of invention. Nice job.
  6. This is one I`d fish. Has a similarity to a Gay blade. Cast it a mile and it will catch fish.
  7. There are times when things just turn out right. Way to capture the "look."
  8. This might help. Toll free number. 1-800-3-Seeker. Get the correct answers from those that know.
  9. Custom....This is the way I want it to look.
  10. There are many really nice paint job presentations posted . For my money yours is right up there. Certainly won`t find one of that color.
  11. The more I look at your lure, The better it looks. Looks like a deep diver. (?) From the nose to the gill , that portion is perfectly balanced . By that I mean the black nose, red eye connection. The whole thing is just nice. Well done.
  12. 2 for one. like the old Studebaker cars. The paint scheme is the perfect cover for the lure. Not flashy . Just subtle. Fist bump.
  13. Have seen that body type around a lot but...…….. Never a really different paint job like that. It`s a one of a kind. Really cool ! Hi-5 (air type)
  14. The fade of the color/tone from the nose .past the eyes and beyond is what makes that puppy grab your attention. Nice work always stands out!
  15. All for one and one for all! Take a bow.
  16. Your color scheme (skirt/blade) is unusual. Meaning, it really caught my eye. Love strong colors. A great creation. An air...…..hi-5.
  17. I see effort and thought in your "home made" lure. Nicely done.
  18. " Paint job" is spot on.
  19. looks grab ones attention. Color is in the mix. Eyes finish the combo. That being said, that thing has my attention, Elbow bump. Virus Hi-5 .
  20. If you haven`t already, why not call them? The call is free. # 877-875-2381. They make have some new, old stock. Get the information first hand.
  21. Braided Line


    That is one, stout looking bait. No lip. Can`t say what action it might have but it looks good.
  22. Pose your question to YouTube. Some thing like, How to repair a cork rod handle. A damaged one, etc. Should find some sort of repair tutorial. With Audio/Visual.
  23. As noted...….use a gel.
  24. Braided Line


    All I can say is, ya, another good one! Translation, I like your work...……..…….
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