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  1. Looking for ways to add a blade to the rear of crappie & bass jig. I have found some Decoy (brand name) stoppers on tacklewarehouse -- also saw where sliding plastic tubing / shrink wrap over the front half of the swivel and then sliding over the hook. Kind of curious as to other ways -- one way I have been researching is a plastic or plastic coated swivel (front half only) and it's slid over the hook / barb. The swivel kind of holds itself without the use of a stopper (like you use on trailer hooks). any help is always appreciated
  2. Quick question - - how many tabs do you guys usually use of the frog hair skirts. I normally use 2.5 tabs for my regular skirts, however I haven't tied many frog hair. I'm thinking it will take 3 full tabs. Any info is much appreciated !!! (P.S. -- I'm talking about the silicone frog hair, not the rubber -- the overall width is much smaller)
  3. Wooly

    Boss Blades

    First off - thanks to everyone who replied about the spinnerbait component sizing. My question is -- how do the BOSS blades stack up against Barlow's or LPO's ? I getting ready to order a bunch of skirt material and I thought I would go ahead and make a few spinnerbaits from the parts they have on-line. Any opinions or experience with their blades / or other components are much appreciated.
  4. Does anyone have some good information (chart) for the size swivels, beads, clevis, blades, etc. that you use with each weight spinnerbait / wire dia. ? Starting to tinker with some spinnerbaits and would like to have some good base info. . thanks,
  5. Would you mind sending me some pics ? I'd like take a gander at them. appreciate it!!!
  6. So let me get this straight :-) -- On 1/8 weedguard hole you are removing 16 strands from the original weedguard of 31 ( 15 strands ) --0.18 strand diameter . If you are reducing the overall diameter of the bundle -- doesn't it fit loose in the weedguard hole of 1/8 -- is there a gap appearance ? thanks for the input !!!!!
  7. Quick question for weedguards on finesse jigs -- Are you guys using 1/16 or 5/64 for your finesse jigs? I am leaning towards 1/16, however I am not sure which fiber diameter I should request from Kayser products. Any help is much appreciated. thanks,
  8. Quick question -- Have any of you guys modified the base pins on the Do-it molds so that it accepts a smaller diameter weedguard? I am working on some finesse jigs and really don't want to use 1/8 weedguard (seems too big). I'd prefer to do something like - tapering down the base pin diameter where it enters the cavity. I guess worst case is pouring without the base pin and then drilling out the hole. Let me know what you think. thanks,
  9. It was not my intent to disparage TJs products -- forgive me if I came across poorly. I appreciate all the info- I did find that if I turned the Air up and let the powder "volcano" for a little bit and then back it down - I would get a better boiling effect. I also found that by putting a full coffee filter under my cup that all the blow out powder could be collected and poured back in after use ( I am using the 2" cups ).
  10. So are we saying that TJ's cups are not any better than a homemade cup? I am having the same problem with some of the new BOSS powders. The reptile color is really good, however I get the volcano blow ups and not the boiling effect. Is it because the air is not balanced coming through the cup or is it the powder is just too heavy? Is it common to add filters to TJ's cups? Any thoughts are appreciated
  11. Having problems getting my living rubber frog hair to look good after tying -- My issue is that when I pull hard enough to get all the strands to pop free (when cutting) , I get a kink in the rubber about half way up. If I pull too light, the strands won't seperate when cutting. Any advice ??? thanks,
  12. I know that wheel weight lead is a little harder and the composistion make up is somewhat different, but is it really all that bad to use for making jigs? I have access to a large qty -- however I have never used before. Just looking for opinions. thanks,
  13. I am looking to modify the 5/8 cavity in the do-it screw-lock football shakey head. I was wondering if I could fill the cavity w/ JB Weld then put a 3/16 football head into the mold to form a new cavity. If anybody has any experience -- their insight would be most appreciated. thanks,
  14. Have any of you used the company linked below -- just looking for info. . They are not affiliated with Do-it, they just do custom work. thanks, http://do-itmoldservice.com/home.html
  15. Have any of you guys tried the Style "S" mold from do-it? I am looking at experimenting and I thought I read somewhere that this mold is the old Stanley head -- Is this correct? I'd love to modify it to take a flat eye hook ( I think it would be easy but not sure ).
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