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  1. "Now for the rest of the story"(Paul Harvey) Finally got out to use the doctored rod and it worked pretty good-for a while.The splice broke on a cast.When I cut it open to find out what happened I found that what I thought was the metal butt plate was actually the original plastic one that came unglued.All the stuff I did held-at least for now.So epoxied everything back up and will try round two!
  2. I've finished it and hopefully will get a chance to try it out.There is a story that comes with it though.I hadn't gotten around to getting a 6mm test bolt from the hardware store.My wife asked me to change a leaking hose nozzle.When I was changing it ,I noticed it was made in China (what a surprise!) but the adjuster thread on the end of it looked like a 1/4"-6mm size and much to my surprise it worked in the tapped butt end.I used JB weld epoxy and JB weld regular because I used a washer,a dowl,the 6mm threaded rod,then wrapped with shrink rod grip.Keeping my fingers crossed on it holding up and getting out!
  3. It is said that a lazy man will find an easier way to do a job before a smart man will.In this case a cheap man over clever man (or maybe a cheap clever man) Thanks either way.
  4. Thanks for the input.I'll try a 6mm/1.00 bolt from the hardware store for fit.Ya, Mark just using the threaded butt end probably wouldn't be sturdy enough.I intend on using another section of handle,glue, and wrapping.Thanks again!
  5. I bought some 4' soft swimbaits (Berkley I think) that worked pretty well but got torn up easily.They were hollow bodied so I filled the void with caulk and used weighted hook with a screw thing.The caulk was tough enough to hold the screw and hook in place so I could catch multiple fish on the same lure.Normally I don't mess with soft baits this much but I think they discontinued making this style bait.
  6. Gas grill rotisserie motors work pretty well and are easy to find
  7. In my old age I've discovered I need more leverage to haul in all those lunkers I catch (I wish;I'm just feeble)I have a Bass Pro Shops rod that has tapped end cap but when I tried a SAE 1/4-20 and a 1/4-28 neither would start.If it is a metric thread what size would it be?Thanks in advance!
  8. I don't do much lead pouring but I do use sheet lead to add weight to plastic baits by wrapping pieces around the treble shanks to get them to run a little deeper or suspend. A contractor used it for flashing and I took the leftovers.
  9. I've picked up some beat up salt water lures at flea markets-tag sales striped them down and Jig Skinned them or do my old lady shower curtain perch paint job I use them for pike fishing.One place I go to sells them as decorations in cottages and I can usually get three big Rebels\Bombers for 10$.I don't know what volume you are looking for but this works for my needs
  10. It seems that everyone who has one likes it.Too bad a larger company doesn't pick up the line.There seems to be a demand for the product.
  11. I saw one of these a Bassmaster mag.Dragged my feet on getting one and now I'm told that they are out of business.Is this right? Anyone know where I can get one?
  12. I'm about as low tech as it gets.I've foiled stick baits and used an olive drab Sharpie (which I have a hard time finding) to get a color that looks close to that,then Devcon finish.
  13. I took the leap of faith and mounted the hooks at the 2 1\2 and 5 1\2 marks.I put the eye screws in at an angle so they wouldn't hit the hinge screws.Unfortunately winter won't loosen it's grip on New England and I'm having a bit of a poor spell .Once I get back on my feet and the weather breaks I'll get out a progress report.Thanks for all the input.
  14. Thanks for the reply Mark.Just to make it easier to understand could you use the measurements on the ruler for the hook placements? 2 1\2 and 5 1\2 is that what you are thinking?
  15. This is why I asked for help.I assumed putting hooks on the rear section would kill the action but both of you feel differently.The tail is a lure box divider.Your take on the hard tail is interesting. This was my first try at a swimbait. After making it I lost interest and put it away.Then I put my old lady shower curtain paint job on it and put it away again.Then I put scales\mesh on it and put it away again.Then I stripped it and Jig Skinned it.I made another one that I finished that is similar.I call it my summer bait-summer the times it works and summer the time it doesn't.Maybe if "we" can get this one to swim right, I can get the other one to be more consistent.Thanks for the input.
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