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  1. I hear ya ,, I am there too !!
  2. In his post Tide Runner said he put the color in before he heated.
  3. you also need,,,,, Safety equipment and other stuff . Good ventilation is very important . exhaust fans, Respirator, gloves, Microwave , cups, stirs, temp gauge, measure spoons, If you plan to sell ---- you will need multiple molds -- this saves time.. a lot of time ,, and molds get hot so you can use others while some cool off . Time is money , There is more stuff needed also , but that's a good list
  4. I hear ya ,,,, and I have never done any salt water fishing myself.
  5. A lot of the salt water fish have sharp teeth so harder baits are needed I think ?
  6. Some of the plastisol companies make a salt water mix. I would try that .
  7. That's a lot of hardener to have to add to 1 cup !! -- You mite not have the plastisol stirred up enough . ? The hardener that is in the plasisol will settle to the bottom of the jug . What type of baits and fish are you going for ?
  8. Mite be drawing a little color from the lead ? Giving it a smoke color ? Just a thought. Are the baits that do not have lead heads in them the same way ?
  9. I also have some purple and red that bleed..
  10. maybe add 1 drop of white . or try Florescent yellow/green Hmm not sure .
  11. Put die in cold uncooked plastic and stir well .
  12. Agreed,,, put the die in and stir before heating .
  13. Does look like chartreuse with heavy black flake. Not sure if it is Yellow or Green chartreuse?
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