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  1. Is this Gel mixed into the bait , or just on the outside of the bait ?
  2. Ohh ,, I just got my 1st - 5 gal . of bait plastics. . Used mostly Calhouns in the past. I mite need this advice ,, Hmmm .
  3. How do you spell it ?????? Its too bad Lure Craft prices are way out of line .
  4. My thought is ,, Green, Blue, Black, Brown. Any of these colorants but in a small amount. Like smoke with the black and so on . Then with the white glitter.
  5. What plastisol are you using ? I have molds that have been used for years and years and no build up ??
  6. Or do you mean ,,, melt down used store bought plastic baits?
  7. I use worm oil on metal rods. Soak a napkin and wipe it on the rods
  8. Try to use a base color like yellow or tan ( not Black ) maybe then a lot of gold pearl and gold hi-lite
  9. Lay the mold halves one at a time on a flat surface, cav. side down and see if it rocks back and forth when you push down on each corner ( one corner at a time )of mold half. Also mite have a burr on the mold some where and it is not letting it close all the way .
  10. Price of plastisol really doesn't have anything to do with a vac. Its just us giving our opinion on the subject. Its just a debate, If a guy has his mind set on getting a vac that's great , his choice. I do not have one and do not need one but I do deal with bubbles. I also do not make clear baits. If I made clear baits I mite think differently about getting one . Every one has an opinion none are right or wrong.
  11. Not sure ?? , but it looks like the only free shipping from MF mite be in gallons of plastisol ??? $ 68.75 per gallon - free shipping . it does not say free shipping on the 5 gallon pail .
  12. Dead on is $51.82 ( gallon ) with the shipping to me . MF is FREE shipping
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