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  1. Price of plastisol really doesn't have anything to do with a vac. Its just us giving our opinion on the subject. Its just a debate, If a guy has his mind set on getting a vac that's great , his choice. I do not have one and do not need one but I do deal with bubbles. I also do not make clear baits. If I made clear baits I mite think differently about getting one . Every one has an opinion none are right or wrong.
  2. Not sure ?? , but it looks like the only free shipping from MF mite be in gallons of plastisol ??? $ 68.75 per gallon - free shipping . it does not say free shipping on the 5 gallon pail .
  3. Dead on is $51.82 ( gallon ) with the shipping to me . MF is FREE shipping
  4. There site says lead time is 15-20 days, so you should be getting info soon . Great molds.
  5. I have a 3" twin tail ,,copy of yamamoto,,, but 1/4" longer body? If you are interested. I use for regular and hula grubs.
  6. I have had water do this - if you leave the baits in the water too long. But they came back around after they dried out.I rarely ever use water anymore.
  7. sounds like a clamp issue .. but I would make sure the molds are 100% true flat on the inside of the molds where they come together, They mite have a slight warp ? just a couple thoughts.
  8. You would have to extend the legs on the pot I guess to get under there, or an extension on the valve maybe ?
  9. This is what I get out of it . Right or wrong I do not know ? #1- promote yourself as a very good bait maker - do not sell your product to cheap . #2- Design and make your own bait . #3- Do not waste time,, while waiting for plastic to heat up - get other stuff ready. #4-Do not let bait making beat you. #5-Try to come up with your own style of baits.
  10. Wow, that's different. looks like it does a nice job.
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