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  1. Both items will help you out, I feel you need both as much as you need just one of them . good luck .
  2. Got cha, that should be the correct bags , some guys use regular zip locks and the scent will dry up fast in those.
  3. Have you made a decision on what to buy ?
  4. What type of bags are you using ?
  5. This is a true statement. The only issue you mite have is getting the colors to match your skirts like you want . I would check this idea out 1st. to see what the prices would be and what colors you can get .
  6. I really like the bait . I fish it from both ends of the bait . Skirt forward or skirt at the back of bait .
  7. I pour and fish the fat ika. It skips awesome and catches fish .
  8. Not sure if you can vacuum premade baits or not ? Do the baits have salt in um ?
  9. What type of baits are you planning on making ? Worms, swim baits, jig trailers ect.
  10. Hey Les, Can you post a picture of the blue grub .
  11. 18 from 1-1/3 cups = 13.5 per cup x 16 cups in a gallon= 216 baits per gallon . That is just for Plastisol, add in color, glitter and eyes if used.
  12. Enforcer has a nice 4.5" worm . FJBW450 worm mold 4.5" bait.
  13. yes that makes sense. Then add in cost of glitter, colorant, and if used- salt, softner and scent .
  14. I see Lure Craft has a couple 1.75" . 5 x 981 5 x 662
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