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  1. Needs to get a thermometer , to see what temps it is getting to. then get back with us. Also contact Plastisol maker for recommendations on temp limits.
  2. I am not sure but I think the firmer the plastisol the thicker it will be at 350?
  3. How do the baits pictured swim ? the 6 pictured that are 22cm/63gr
  4. Bass-Boys


    looks like .035 - .040 Kelly Green and Black flake .
  5. It will be vary hard to get a stick bait heavier than a senko with just salt . I have added more and more salt and its very hard to get over 11 grams with a 5" . Not sure what to tell you to use? 6 level table spoons per 8 oz. is a ton of salt , and you will need to add softener also .
  6. I also have a lot of runners, scraps , ect . I will do a large flat rate box for $30.00 and that includes the shipping cost of $ 22.00.
  7. I do not have a recipe but here is a pic , Culprit Brand Looks to be Pinkish Orange ?
  8. Wow, very sad, any more info on that ?
  9. They asked / posted that in 2016 ..
  10. They want to make big bucks off it for a while.
  11. No microwave, Hmmm..
  12. There is a rumor of some new plastisol replacement coming soon . This stuff stretches like Z Man. Anyone have any info ?
  13. Bass-Boys


    Can you post up a picture of your June Bug .
  14. Add softener .. Start with a table spoon to 8 oz of plastisol and adjust from there.
  15. Barbara, you mite not get an answer from the poster on this ?? It was posted in 2007.. Maybe you will ?
  16. It mite be called Violet,, black grape or june bug.. maybe just not called purple .
  17. I hear ya ,, I am there too !!
  18. In his post Tide Runner said he put the color in before he heated.
  19. you also need,,,,, Safety equipment and other stuff . Good ventilation is very important . exhaust fans, Respirator, gloves, Microwave , cups, stirs, temp gauge, measure spoons, If you plan to sell ---- you will need multiple molds -- this saves time.. a lot of time ,, and molds get hot so you can use others while some cool off . Time is money , There is more stuff needed also , but that's a good list
  20. I hear ya ,,,, and I have never done any salt water fishing myself.
  21. A lot of the salt water fish have sharp teeth so harder baits are needed I think ?
  22. Some of the plastisol companies make a salt water mix. I would try that .
  23. That's a lot of hardener to have to add to 1 cup !! -- You mite not have the plastisol stirred up enough . ? The hardener that is in the plasisol will settle to the bottom of the jug . What type of baits and fish are you going for ?
  24. Mite be drawing a little color from the lead ? Giving it a smoke color ? Just a thought. Are the baits that do not have lead heads in them the same way ?
  25. I also have some purple and red that bleed..
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