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  1. You need a punch and a punch press. Punch is a machine shop project..
  2. Big blue, Yup you are correct I wanted to know if it's doable and if anyone can do it. I have a friend trying it on smaller bills but it's not working out.. Was curious if anyone has any first hand experience.. I can get dies and the punch just wanted to know ahead of time if it will work before investing in the items needed.
  3. Bob. Punching crankbait lips out of lexan with a punch press not drilling a hole. Sorry if I wasnt more clear
  4. can you punch 1/8th inch lexan with a punch? I know smaller is doable but curious about 1/8th inch?
  5. The bubbles under the skin are more an likely from the microballoons.. It can also be from the age of the resin as aramatus explained. If you open up a fresh can and you still get the bubbles under the skin it's the balloons..
  6. Mark, I'm in this for production eventually. So you glue the top of the first layer before pouring the next layer? Or is this some magical mix that you mix in with your plastic LOL If it helps I'm using Lure craft medium. Since I am using a temp gun I'm pouring the first layer at about 340 to 350. I'm pouring the 2nd layer when that first layer starts to show (going off memory here so bare with me) around 280? Demold at 160ish.. do these numbers sound right (anyone??)
  7. Anglingarcher, well that is also a double edge sword, if you have it hot hot on the top layer the top layer will sink at the top of the pour (top view of the bait) at least for me it does. So I'm trying to counter that with lower heat. Lol. Double edge sword so far for me anyway
  8. I made a top pour silicone mold of a 8 inch swimbait that I carved. It has the standard wide head then tapers down to the tail. The dilemma I am having is pouring in layers. Through the transparent bottom layer I can see The top layer is sinking into the transparent bottom belly layer.. I understand the concept of if you pour too soon the top layer will sink into the bottom layer and if you wait too long your layers will separate.. The side side seams are fine but you can see the top layer through the bottom layer sagging down 1/4 inch or a little more? Ive seen other baits in this style and I see no sinking so I know I am missing something. Any help...
  9. What other plastic production pots (non injected) are out there similar to Bears Presto pots? Or is there some kind of do it yourself type plan alternative?
  10. BrianB


    Barr5150. interesting. The only suggestion I have is and not sure if this will make a difference is do you stir your solarez before dipping? Have you contacted Solarez and see what they suggest? Seems like your doing things the right way..
  11. BrianB


    Bass100, How long would you say the lights last?? year? months?
  12. BrianB


    Sometimes you just may have to bit the bullet and buy the manufacturers light to know for sure what the issue is.. Sometime shortcuts end up being long cuts.. My question is does anyone have the Solarez lights that they recommend and have any issues with Solarez curing. That test will be solve alot of these questions posed in this thread.
  13. BrianB


    Do you use that as your final clear coat as well?
  14. BrianB


    @nedyarb, Polyester Sanding Sealer is that a Solarez product? I'm trying to understand the difference or effect if you will between shining a UV light on it vs putting it in a light box? Thanks
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