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  1. Finally making my way back to this post after a few years. Dad and I fished together two years ago and for a laugh I decided to throw the Quad P. To our surprise, a 32" pike decided to nail it. The only fish it has taken, but 1 is better than none. Moved to from Wisconsin to Utah last year, so I haven't had the chance to fish it again. It is hibernating in dads tackle box. Planning to make a few "better" lures and fly back to Wisconsin for a June fishing trip with dad next year.
  2. I have somewhere between 900 and 1000 pieces of basswood. They are all approximately 1.25" x 1.50" x 18". I would be more than willing to trade them for some good looking top water lures or cash.
  3. @ 68KF I just posted a reply to a different thread and had a flashback to this one. I was typing the word "airbrush" and couldn't remember if it was one word or two. My wife looked at me like I was crazy when I started laughing for no apparent reason.
  4. @ DSV Very nice paint job. I like that it has the hard lines yet you were able to blend it almost like an airbrush. The eye is a great touch.
  5. 68KF......It is especially, not specially. I couldn't resist. I'll take your "free", "professional" advice any time I can get it. I'm not afraid to say that someone who has your years of experience is a professional. You may not be a "know it all", but you certainly do know all you are talking about. Hearing your opinions about your equipment (vs other equipment) and experienceis a desire of the majority I'm sure. Please don't let the one bad apple spoil the bunch, I value your comments and posts. FERG
  6. Um, I think you have got it mastered. They swim and look great. Did you pour the tails too? FERG
  7. That would be awesome on one of the lakes I fish if it were painted Baby Walleye. The shape is to die for, I hope you don't mind me fashioning one after it. Can't wait to see the finished product. FERG
  8. I hate to admit that I know what it is called, but I think it is the stuff used for "Plastic Canvas Stitchery". If you would ask for that at Michaels, they will know what you mean. FERG

    Six ounce VampGlider

    I like this one more every time I see it. I love the impact marks, cool effect!
  10. Great tute. You sure make it look easy, I have got to give this whirl. If I can make a suggestion; I would go with a solid color background, some of the colorblind folks might not be able to pick out some of the foreground from the background. FERG
  11. Just thought I would chime in. My name is Todd, I'm 37 and live in Gresham, Wisconsin. I have a wife and three daughters. I made my first lure about a month ago and if you search my posts, you might find a picture of it, I hope you don't find it. I hope to gain some experience hee and then start sharing some as I hone my skills. FERG
  12. I have to say the eye looks VERY realistic. I sure hope my first swim bait turns out this good, and this quick. I have to remodel my basement before doing another lure so I am hoping to get started around December. Until then I will continue to "go to school" on all of the TU members successes and defeats. FERG
  13. Gene, Great place. I can't imagine having a place like that. I could live in there. If I ever make it to TN, I want a tour. FERG
  14. Mr J, Did you ever post the picture? I put my hidious creation on here, it can't be worse than mine. Here is the finished product. I named it the "Quad P" short for "Pathetic Pile o' Poop Perch". It weighed 3.5 ounces and dove about 3 inches with a screaming fast retrieve. It swam like a turd. I gave it to my dad for fathers' day and after about a half dozen casts I said "just cast it as far as you can and cut your line". I think he would have but Power Pro is pretty expensive line. My next one should turn out a little better, at least I hope it does. FERG
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