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  1. Thanks Bob. I just talked to a local EMD and they are going to give me a quote.
  2. This was my first idea, but I was unsure if I could get the bait hard enough. I will try this first. I am new to making silicone molds. This is a 2 piece mold, with appendages, so the harder I can get the bait the easier it will be to mold. Like Bob said, it is hard to make an exact copy. It is also very expensive for me to have custom stuff made out of aluminum. I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my baits, so I prefer the aluminum, but I just can't afford to start over with a new maker at this point in time.
  3. I am worried about locking the mold. I spoke with the technicians at alumulite and they said that is definitely a risk since their product will bond with aluminum. I have some old aluminum molds that I don't use that I am considering using for testing. If I lock one of them I won't be as upset. I am thinking about trying EZflo 60 or Poly 15-3x to create a master of either the bait or mold. Has nobody on this site had success, or even attempted this? Any help/information is appreciated.
  4. Just curious. Why are these silicone cups better than the glass? I have been using the glass for years with no issues.
  5. I am looking for suggestions on making a hard master from an injected mold. I have a mold that was created custom for me, but the maker retired and I can't get anymore made. I want to make a hard master from the mold so I can make some new molds from silicone. I was thinking of using plastic and adding a bunch of hardener to it, but I was curious if there is a better way before I start wasting money. Is there another/better material that I can use to make a hard master with an aluminum mold?
  6. I will try to find some high-temp silicone. If anyone has a link I would appriciate it. I know of a couple spots that sell silicone, but I haven't found any that will handle lead yet.
  7. Thanks for the links guys. I am going to purchase silicone for plastic molds. I will make sure it can handle lead too. Thanks again.
  8. This is helpful, but leaves a few questions. If anyone knows of a tutorial I would appreciate it. Or, is there an alternative for making molds for lead?
  9. Anyone know of a video or thread explaining how to mold a jig head for lead poring? I've done a lot of searching on this topic. I know I should use bondo, but is the process the same as a 2 part worm mold? Any tips would be appreciated. I pour plastic, but want to start make my own jigs for personal use. Jeremy
  10. I am looking for help comparing these two plastics (M-F Supersoft vs. LC 536). I have experience with LC 536, but not M-F. I like LC, but I do not like that they are charging me $48 for shipping 5 gal. Here are the things I would like compared: - Buoyancy: - Softness: - Ease of use: - Clarity: Things I don't like about LC are the amount you need to shake if before using and the shipping cost. Things I like about LC are the buoyancy, the softness, melts nicely, easy to pour, holds color nicely, doesn't burn easily. I am ordering 5 gallons today, so any quick responses would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I saw a post on this, but I can't seem to find it. Can someone please post the link again? Thanks.
  12. The MF Cinnamon color is dead on.
  13. That looks great. i would buy that.
  14. Anyone plan on making a video on pouring baits with veins?
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