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  1. Bob, Click on the "More Reply Options", then click on "My media", then attach.
  2. I agree with nedyarb, I just saw it at the store last week. 7.99 for the spool, .041 stainless wire, use the 25% off coupon and its 6.00 bucks.
  3. I'm using this to sand with. It is a piece of hardwood that I routed a round profile into. Then a piece of 400 grit sandpaper is wedged in there. Is there a better way. My eyeballing didn't work out too good!!
  4. Thanks for all the help guys. Will the epoxy not flow good on these edges? I did try to round the edges, but maybe they need more.
  5. Hey gang, My first attempt at building flatsides. I have cut my blanks, sanded them and now want to learn about finishing them. The two baits shown have been coated with thin super glue. The one on the left has two coats, the right one has only one coat. I have some rough spots where the arrows are pointing due to the grain of the balsa. I will topcoat with BSI epoxy. I have built a lure tuner. My question is, will the epoxy flow on the smaller portions (edges) where the arrows are? Will this flow cover the rough areas from the grain? I can imagine a broom stick getting perfect coverage in my turner, I want the edges to get flow to cover the rough grain. I want my baits to look like plastic when painted. I will keep the paint jobs basic, just want a smooth bait. Those that seal with thin super glue---how many coats are you putting on the bare balsa? Any help is appreciated, thanks
  6. Thanks benton B, that sure looks like it. I have heard about using wooden dowels. What would be the pros and cons of using this plastic rod for the hook hanger.
  7. It is not flexible. I do not think it is any type of glue,definitely not hot glue or any CA, it is more of a rigid plastic that is very slick feeling. Im thinking more like delrin or like Bluetick said a UHWMPE plastic.
  8. I can't seem to get a clear picture with my camera, sorry for the blur.
  9. Here is a pic of the components. The line tie was on the front of the bill. It was a flat sided crankbait that sat in my box forever. I'm not even sure where I purchased it from. It was never used because the bill was glued in sideways. I knew the bait would never run right, if you look closely at the bill in the pic, you can see where the body was glued on to one side. It was unbelievable they would let that one out to sell. It had a very nice finish on it, as smooth as any plastic bait. I just went out to my shop to find the body (or what's left) and it seems to have dissappeared! I guess no ID'ing it now. Wished I would have snapped a pic!!! The rear hanger does seem to be a plastic rod. Is this typical construction?, what are the pros and cons of this method?
  10. Can you guys tell me what this is holding the rear hook hanger in place. Hard to see in the photo. It is white. The material seems like a delrin type plastic material. It is sorta slick feeling. The rear wire is molded in and the plastic "dowel" is glued in. Also does anyone know the maker of this bait.....I know long shot but, thought I would try. thanks in advance.
  11. Looks like a Academy H2O express squarebill.
  12. This bait will be about 1/2" wide, two piece made of separate 1/4" thick balsa glued together, using thru-wire.
  13. How are you guys laying out your baits? I'm wondering about the wood grain of balsa. This will be for flatsided crankbaits. Would you use first pic or second pic?
  14. I also want to order a mold from them, but have read conflicting stories. Do they have an inventory on hand? Or do they machine the molds as ordered. Would they tell me by phone whether they have it on the shelf, ready to ship or not? Thanks for any advice.
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