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  1. davemyway


    Just thought I would post a video about how I do my swimbait. I did leave some of the more boring details out but if you contact me I will be happy to help .
  2. im in the middle of trying podge glue , i usually use epoxy .i will let u know if it works when im done
  3. in few weeks I will be ordering a tekcast machine. currently I plan on having someone else make my molds for me. does anyone know someone close to GA. that could do that.
  4. I bought a cheap paint brush for the tails . looks good and soft enough to give it some action
  5. sounds like a good idea . i hope i dont need to but if i do i will give it a try next time
  6. call shortys hook sales and tell them what hook works in your mold ..and that u need a longer shank hook the same bend and diameter. (660) 647-2488 by the way .. u can get your hooks cheaper there.
  7. i agree wwith apdriver i have gotten skirts from z-man, skirts plus , fishing skirts .com . and many others . some companys are different ...i called fishing skirts .com about the couple hundred grn pumkins that i had stuck together , and the lady that i spoke with told me i had to roll the skirts together in my hand till they get warm and they will seperate......i dont have time for that !!!!!! what kind of customer service was that?
  8. i am looking for some flat rubber ..the strans are about 1/16 sqaure.... in brown and black . i have looked in all the normal suppliers and had no luck .the closes thing i found is fishing skirts .com flat rubber . but it isn't thick enough....
  9. i can tell u rat trap skirts have been perfect ... in the past i have had alot of problems with fishingskirts.com sticking together.. rat trap has been fast and great to work with
  10. i have read some post telling us not to use mineral oil .. i use mineral oil on my soft plastics because it helps them slide into the bags . if i dont the worms are hard to package . i havent had any problems i dont use very much because a few drops goes a long way . i was wondering what problems other people had with mineral oil . or have i just been lucky . i use calhoun plastic med, i let my worms dry for 3 or 4 days then i bag with a impulse sealer.. no problems that im aware of , but if im walking on thin ice someone let me know.
  11. i got lucky and found about 10 rolls of pastic each roll about 100' long and 5-6 inches wide. it is the same as they use on aaron martins scrounger. i use it to make my scroungers and tails on swimbaits
  12. thanks . that is the kind of info i need to improve my bait. i do have belly weights in them witch helps them run upright .
  13. i have been playing with a easy way to make a swimbait and i thought i would share with u guys ... start buy cutting a patern out if card stock paper then copy the pattern onto pvc board and cut it out with a scroll saw sand it smooth, cut it into sections but let the first joint be the longests, sand the begining of the second and third jiont to a 45. add screw eyes and cut notches to allow free movement .connect the eyes with a piece of wire paint then clear . i know i left alot out but this is a rough idea on how i made some 5'' swimbaits they swim great ! if anybody has a way i can improve my process let me know . im a jig and spinnerbait guy. this is new to me ..
  14. davemyway


    what did u make it out of ,,, it looks great
  15. i have been makeing scroungers for about a year now.normally we use them for bass but they will catch anything that will eat a minnow. maybe this pic will help those who don't know what a scrounger is .
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