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  1. Who makes a mold close to the V&M Swamp Hog. Thanks
  2. Outstanding. Thanks
  3. Guys who makes a similar jig mold to attached picture. Looking for 8-10 oz mold. Thanks
  4. Guys who make a mold similar to attached picture. Looking for 8-12 oz mold. Thanks
  5. Gentlemen IOU a beer, your were 100% correct. Thanks
  6. Guys Im new to making plastic baits and need some help. I have 3 different presto pots with mixers (Bears). I turn the mixers on and turn the pots on high, before the plastic cooks it turns hard and stops my mixers. I used 2 different types of plastic with same results. I ended up using my microwave to heat the plastic.
  7. Guys what's the best (action) swim bait mold in 4 1/2 - 5 inch long. Wanting a mold with eye sockets. Thanks
  8. for the advice and will try again.
  9. Guys I bought the bears shooting star system. The system works great except when I inject the mold the 2 color plastic mixes into one color. I'm using plastic from Do-it molds and the temp of the plastic is around 310 - 320. I'm confused on how to keep the plastic from mixing when injected.
  10. Great information. Thanks
  11. Guys looking for a good Alabama rig mold, has anybody used the BOSS Pro mold from fishingskirts.com.
  12. The Bobs 706 is what Im looking for. Thanks
  13. Who make a mold close to Strick King Rage chunk.
  14. worm

    Lead Head Mold

    interesting long shank round bend.. I like the idea of the wire plastic keeper to help keep the bait attached to the head ... what lead head mold is best for swimbait
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