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  1. Can anybody tell me how are Tommy Harris Spider blades painted ? Thanks
  2. Can any body tell me How are Tommy Harris Spider blades are painted ? Thanks
  3. What process do you use to install your eyes ? Do you use a jig ? Do you hold up your thumb and close one eye ? or may be ask your mother-n-law for help ?
  4. 12spot

    Muskie Treat

    Top water lure I turned when I first started making lures. Dives down about 3ft and will slowly float back to the top. Made out of pine t2 top coat
  5. 12spot

    Cisco w fantazy

    nice paint job AAA
  6. 12spot

    Walleye killer

    turned floater
  7. 12spot

    walleye bait

    5" walleye bait turned
  8. 12spot

    I'm Back

    3 1/4" turned floating plug
  9. 12spot

    Latest bunch

    One top bait One medium diver One deep diver Thanks for looking
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