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  1. I do still have it. you can contact me @ anw@tds.net no usb
  2. Um no slap in the face. Iin order to see a good picture of a bait it needs to be a certain size. THey wont allow that here and gave me 4 infractions for posting pictures which was intended to help other people. I will continue to be a member here, but will spend my time where I can better help other people without having 1500 rules I must tip toe around to do it.
  3. Hey everyone. Just thought i would let you know. Bear is having a cookbook contest over at his site and he is giving away 2 1/2 galolons of plastic to the winner. And there is no entry fee, and you can post as many entries as you like. Good fishing
  4. I need some 3/8" eyes/. any chance you'll be getting any of them in any time soon?
  5. Hey guys I used to have a side business selling and making vinyl signs, banners, and graphics. Well with time being limited I have given it up to pursue making baits. the plotter alone used will run you around $1200. plus I have a full computer system loaded with the software i use already. flexi sign pro 8.1v1 (there will be no original discs though. I dont have them) anyways I have about $700 worth of supplies to get you started as well. i have two rolls of silver 20 yrds, ea. one new one barley used. over half of a white roll and black roll ea.75yrds, and a partial roll of red. probabbly around 20yrds left several rolls of transfer tape and 2 vinyl "big squigee" application tools. a full computer system with a 15" lcd flatscreen monitor, windows xp with service pack 2 a amd athlon xp 2500 1.83ghz processor and 80 gig, hard drive 1 gb ram and a radion 9800 xt 256mb video card. I will let all this go for $1600 and i will pay the shipping and cover insurance. I will also take partial trades for some more aluminum molds or another presto pot. let me know guys
  6. Hey guys anyone have any plastic clamshell swim box's they can part with 100 or 200 of them? I dont need 600. Also Is the size for a 5" swimbait to go with the 1 1/4" by 1 1/2" by roughly 5 1/2" or does anywhere have a source for them to get less than 600?
  7. put my name on one or two more as well jim. BTW why are you getting rid of all of them?
  8. well then you cant tell what the color even looks like before going to another site, I dont guess I understand what the big deal is if it streches the site's layout, Will your monitor explode? the thing is If I do have slow internet its really going to take me a year to go through and click every link opening another window to see all the pretty baits people are pouring.
  9. Amen. I usually don't go against the grain, but when I received 5 infractions this morning when opening up TU and seen all my pictures that I put up to help other people were gone I have to say I was quite abit disappointed in the way this place is apparently operated. I dont see how this will help your site at all.
  10. I dont understand this rule I dont guess, I was linking them from a file hosting site which was not using any of your bandwidth. So your telling me you would rather there be no pictures than pictures that slows down someone using 56k? I would think they would still opt to wait to see the pictures then to never see them. Anyone on 56k care to share their opinion, I may be way off base and would like to get some input.
  11. Mama's secret recipe 1.5 cups plastic 9 drops orange MF 1/8 tsp MEd. Red flake. http://imageshack.us' rel="external nofollow">
  12. can i mix mf with calhoun. I need the bottle the calhoun is in and dont want to wash it out, if there is some leftover in the calhoun gallon jug and i fill it with mf wil ir be alright?
  13. Lol too funny. now for real why? lol:?
  14. since this thread is already going, I wont start a new one, This question is for Doug, What or where did the idea come from for the grape shad scent? It smells soooooo good, But what makes Bass like it?
  15. LOL ok. Also whats the deal with the security footage on your dropshots page?
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