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  1. Saugerman

    Bucktails for sale

    How many in a box?
  2. Nice job Mark, Love the bottom one.
  3. Nils1990, I realize now, that I gave you wrong information, about how to correct your problem with air bubbles. What I told you would help if you had a denting problem, but not with trapped air. What slowfish told you is very much what you are probably needing to check. It does look like trapped air, instead of several dents. Sorry , I would not intentially send you in the wrong direction. Hope you get it lined out.
  4. Try holding pressure on your injector, for maybe 10 seconds, before removing it. Sometimes that helps. Also, add more plastic after removing the injector, so it doesn't suck in any air. Hope this helps.
  5. Welcome to the forum Nils1990.
  6. Welcome to the forum, Scott Kelly.
  7. BassTackle has several, realy good looking craws. I like the 702 craw, but forgot who is making it now, It is still available, somewhere.
  8. They look great Mark. Lokk like real fish catchers. You do good work.
  9. Welcome to TU, you're never to old. This is a great forum, with lot's of experienced, people, who are willing to help you if you need help. And making fishing tackle becomes very addictive, cause there is nothing much better than catching fish on something you made yourself. Great to have you.
  10. Seems like I once repaired one of my molds with JB Weld. You might give that a thought.
  11. Thanks to all who replied to my request about bone color. I appreceiate the help. Also that color mixer is a great help. You can see what your mix will look like before wasting any of your own paint. I found all replies helpful. Thanks again.
  12. I'll be spraying the bone on some wiggle wart blanks, Just need a little help getting the color right.. Thanks
  13. I could use a little help with the color bone. I have made it before, but not really satisfied with my outcome, Is it white with a little yellow, or a little tan color, or maybe a few drops of black? I would love to hear your version. Thanks in advance
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