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  1. rite dye will try it thanks
  2. anyone ever dye there living rubber? i got a pound of the green an i would like to darken it up to be a dark green pumpkin or something around that color. any help would be appreciated
  3. i would like to see what that bulge looks like snap a photo if you can mark
  4. thanks that should be close enough! only if i could find it without the barbwire
  5. is there a skirt with the base color purple an red glitter available! i'm looking for something like a junebug purple with red flake
  6. what im looking for is a 4/0 hook in 3/0 foot print! i like the 4/0 hook gape but i want it in a more compact version. round bend short shank 4/0 if i can find one! i would take a 60 or 90 degree. i can make both of them work
  7. i use that one on a ball head 3/8 ounce
  8. is there a short shank round bend wide gap hook with a 60° Bend! like the Missile Jigs Mini Flipping? i like the Owner 5313 but it doesn't come in a 4/0!
  9. anyone ever duplicate an rtv mold? i have one i need to make about 4 more copies out of!
  10. you need a light dimer for that burner! but a hotplate is much easier to control the temperature
  11. i want to copy a bait! i'm just trying to find the best way to suspend it when making a 2 part pop mold. any help would be appreciated
  12. post a picture of the bait color
  13. I'm looking for some clear glitter that suspends! I will take any size but would like something around the .40 size. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.
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