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  1. It's Andrew Sgarlata, I ordered stuff from you a while back. Are you still pouring? If so, I was wondering if you could give me some prices. I need 25 of the 3/8 spinnerbait heads. Not sure what the name of them is, but they have the minnow type head, not the bullet. Also, do you pour the ball head jigs that take the 1/8" weedguards. I would need 20 each of 1/4, 3/8.


  2. Thanks for all the input. I'm going to start out with a couple of the better fisherman in my club and go from there. It's hard to get them to use something other than the brands they have confidence in, it's kind of the "old dog learning new tricks" scenario!! My hope is that my designs will peak their interest enough for them to give them a good try. The only thing I will ask in return is pictures!!
  3. After about three years of creating and field testing, I finally have a line of baits that I am very proud of, and better yet are catching fish. I want to get them out to the fisherman to see what they think of them and see where it takes me. I would like to do this as a side business or at least make enough to keep me in plastisol!! I was wondering how all of you got your baits out there. I was going to do it the old fashioned way and hand them out to people I see at the dock that look like they could give my baits a workout. I was also thinking of going to the weigh-ins of the many tourneys in the Chattanooga area and talk to some of the guys. Am I on the right track?? I don't have a website or enough inventory to support a websit yet.
  4. The Dude


    Thanks for the info. Free is good!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The Dude


    What label software do you recommend? Also, what type of labels do you use?? I'm looking to use them on worm bags.
  6. I use the Lee pot for my pouring...before everyone tells me to go buy a Presto...for the pouring I do the Lee is a better choice for me. The only issue I have is stirring. If anyone out here still uses the Lee, what do you use for stirring??
  7. He may not have done his homework and figured out how much it costs him p/bait. But at 55 cents a bait, he should be doing OK. Maybe he hasn't sold enough to make up for his initial investment.
  8. Is there software to buy that you can make labels from?? What material do you print them on for your worm bags?? I want software with a lot of font options, I want to be able to do something a little different than the usual Windows fonts.
  9. The Dude


    Thanks for the answers...I thought I might be scorching, but I was only 6 baits in before it started turning color and the plastic didn't smell like it was being scorched so I thought it might be the salt.
  10. The Dude


    Do you use table salt in your pours or is there something different? I've been using a coffee grinder and making powder out of table salt, when I was pouring white lures the other day, they turned tanish. This didn't happen when I didn't use the salt.
  11. Very true...It's not a big deal, but if all of my molds aren't sealed thoroughly then I have nothing to pour into and I wasted my time.
  12. Is there a way to make sure your POP molds are sealed properly before pouring plastic in them--- so you don't waste your plastic??
  13. That looks awesome...great job.
  14. I'm using POP molds and I have sealed them with Mod-Podge. I am having two problems...First, when I pull the finished product out of the mold, the Mod-Podge came off with the worm. Secondly, I am having bubbles rise to the top of the bait. There are no bubbles in the plastic in my pot or while I'm pouring, but as the mold fills, the bubbles come to the top. What the hell is going on??? I thought of sealing the mold with polyurethane--would that help?? Is the Mod-Podge the issue, or is it something else. I don't think my plastic is too hot, because it's pouring perfect, even the glitter isn't sinking to the bottom, it's suspended and even throughout the entire worm. Any help would be great, I have a great mold with a great design, and I can't get a good pour...I'm beyond frustrated at this point!!!!!!!!!
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