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  1. We use to call the green color Quaker state motor oil. It has always been a red brown green color just depends on how much colorant is used.
  2. Don’t really see a need for negative reason to any company’s products. All plastic works if you take the time to figure it out on your own. 95 percent of problems are user error and most won’t admit it is. If it works for you then you have figured it out and that’s good for you stick with it. In the end they all catch fish and that’s what we want.
  3. I would like to know about it too. I was talking about a pigment that I heard ran out. The one to make the purple that Spikeit use to have called purple 123. They have another one that is on the red side I think it is purple 204.
  4. Exactly one or the other. You will have to find a valve that can take the heat too. No plastic in the valve. Even the handle.
  5. It was put there to keep it heated and not freeze up. Putting it in the middle of a large pots might be a problem if it is to far from the heating element. Unless you could heat the valve some other way. And no the heating element is only in the raised area under the pot.
  6. Start with a chartreuse dye like lureworks 107 then add a purple. The purple they use to use is not available anymore. Start with a 50/50 mix. Use a small amount to achieve the color in the pic. The more you use the more green it will get. I know this sounds weird but it is how it is made. Try it and find out. On a side note I did not say what exact purple to use but test out what you have and see what comes out.
  7. Do you have a picture of the motor oil you want? There’s many versions and a picture could help a lot.
  8. That smell will go away pretty fast. The solvent portion is the worst and does go away in a day or so.
  9. Try MF baby bass for the green and Spikeits root beer for the brown. For a more fleshy brown color use Spikeits Carolina pumpkin, use a lot of it cause it is week.
  10. Not sure what the expectations of this product were or are. Just to explain what it is from what I have recieved. It is hilite put on clear film and cut into glitter. An explosion of color is not what you get. But you can get a transparent bait with flashes of the color you choose. Clear and light smoke color will get you the highest quality affect. Putting it in an opaque color will not yield a result that is worth the effort to put it in.
  11. There it is. I knew someone outside the US would know.
  12. Look for pvc based products. They can be found at places that sell pvc pipes. The clear glue(solvent) is just like what you will need. You will have to find a solvent to thin it with but can be found. And for colors find powder pigments. Should not be to hard.
  13. Not bashing MF colors but they don’t make ones strong enough to get what you want. You think your worms are small I was doing it with a trout worm. About 1/8 round and 3” long. Colors looked great with Lurecraft.
  14. If you use Spikeit floresent colors you can add anytime. Before or after it does not matter. But all of the floresent colors I have used will never really get solid. Adding white just forces you to add more colorant and the cycle goes around. Straight yellow and strait orange from lurecraft will get you what you want.
  15. Good to see you back. For cleaning go to an automotive paint store and get Wax and Grease remover. It will blow you away how well it works. It does not melt it down and become sticky and will leave a slick feeling when done. Use it on all things that come into contact with plastic. You could use other things but when you try this stuff you don’t know what you are missing.
  16. Try and use yellow and orange colorant. Not floresent colors. It will be way better looking of a color. For the green a transparent one will work just fine.
  17. Honestly that’s a question for lureworks, they would know the answer because they actually make it.
  18. Well honestly this always happens to repackagers. Buy from a company that makes it and at least one extra hand is not in the mix. Mf, Spikeit Lurecraft and baitplastics(poly sol) make it so less of a chance for mistakes. Over the years I have used many gallons of plastic and really never had a problem with any. But I came from an industry that needs to make sure everything is mixed well. I say well and to others there well is not good enough. 90% of all problems are user errors. I know some don’t like to her that but it’s true. When you resell it you have to deal with those kind of issues. Stick with what you are comfortable with and your mind will be at ease. I saved enough money buying my first drum from a company that needs to be vacumned to buy a vacuum and still have it to this day. Many years later.
  19. Basstackle has some. Go to there swimbait section and there is an 8” on the first page.
  20. I use one on baitplastics too. It’s the only way I can achieve a bubble free plastic. And I mean bubble free.
  21. That is normal just put it in a vacuum chamber before you heat and it will take all that out before you heat. A lot of plastic does that. Some bad some not so bad.
  22. Should have vents on the top of every bulge. Does look like air trapped at the top of the bulges. Use a utility knife and scratch vents from the top of every one to the outside of the mold. It will give you vents that won’t be seen in the final product. Same with the middle parts but they will have to go down and out cause you cant go up. Some mold makers put a hole in the middle for the air to escape.
  23. Wow I did not even realize those existed. I take it for granted that when injecting 350 deg plastic people would not make something that would not work well. Live and learn. I have had at one time had all the injectors that were made and settled on the one I thought was made like a tank. To this day i still have the original ones I bought and they are just as good now as when I bought them. Don’t skimp on the injector it will pay for it self fast. It may cost more now and may be hard to get but when you have it you will see and feel the quality.
  24. Seeing this reminded me of a story I heard years ago about a company hiring makeup artist to apply powdered mica powder to baits then dipping. No acetone and nothing but the powder. I tried it( used some of my wife’s bare minerals makeup. While it was not for me it did work. So if your wife has some powdered bare minerals laying around give it a try. She will probably have some makeup brushes she never uses too. She may be able to help you with some of the techniques also.
  25. Just because it is flammable does not mean it can’t be flown. But most airlines have approved containers they can be shipped in. At a premium price too. I know the guy from Belgium he does have a lot of different stuff we don’t have in the states. And will ship here to the US. Very knowledgeable guys if you have questions for him. Speaks great English.
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