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  1. Here’s one formula from many years ago hope this helps you out. The last part is for sinking plastisol. Remove if not desired. 65% DINP Plastecizer -13% Emulsion PVC paste resin -2% Epoxy Soybean Oil -5% Metallic Thermostabalizer -5% Dispersent -3% Glycerol or Glycerin -7% Tungsten Nano-particles or Tungsten powder 275 mesh and up
  2. Frank

    Next Level Production machine

    The temperature stays within two degrees for hours and hours. And glitter and salt will build up on the side of the injector but not bad enough to make a difference in a bait. After the plastic cools you can pull out what’s left and see it is not burned and no big areas of glitter or salt. But sorry whatever test you did came out with that conclusion. Been using this type of system for years and years.
  3. Frank

    Next Level Production machine

    Sorry meant to quote you. See the answer above.
  4. Frank

    Next Level Production machine

    They are set to the side. Email me and I can send a video of them. fcrod2@yahoo.com
  5. Next Level injection machine used to keep plastic at temp and heat the basstackle Twinjector so there is no need to clean out every time. Can boost production in no time at all. Also laminates are a breeze when you know the actual temp of the plastic you are using. You will have to supply your own presto pots and Basstackle Twinjector. Custom anodized one will be available from time to time.
  6. Spikeit green pumpkin 156. Real brown green pumpkin.
  7. Baitplastics does leave a residue. It’s more of a sticky surface thing. But all plastic I have used do this and I have cleaned it up with this stuff the whole time. No scrubbing it just wipes off.
  8. I use this and when you try it you won’t believe how well it does work. Just use a clean new paper towel wipe till clean. It does not take long.
  9. Mine is about 10 years old and the oil is white from sucking up plastic. Still works fine a little slow but same vacuum. Let it run for awhile and see if it gets better. I paid 69 for mine.
  10. Frank


    It will soften it and make it gummie. As will most solvents.
  11. Frank


    For years what we call pearl is mica. So yes it will work just fine. Car paint,house paint, makeup ,hobby paints and pretty much all thing that say metallic are mica powders in some form or another. Crushed up rock is all it is.
  12. Happy New Years everyone. 2008 for me make me feel young.
  13. Funny I saw this just as I posted mine. Now I know why you never had one before you used MF plastic. They do something different than all others and don’t have bubbles. But it comes at a premium price too. When I bought my first drum of plastic that I had to use a vacuum I saved so much money that I bought a chamber and still had extra savings. Ever since then I have saved more and more. Still have the same one that cost me 250 then but it falling apart from years of use.
  14. I get what you are saying but he asked what size pot not weather it was worth it or opinions of using one. My guess is he can see the bubbles in his baits and does not like it. My guess for you is that you can’t and does not matter. I have had mine for years now and never pour without it. I poured a lot of transparent baits and you could see them. But in another case the bubbles were gathering at the nose of the bait causing a weak spot if you use a spring lock. For that matter a barb on a jig hook. So it is not always just for looks.
  15. I see no reason for using it in a silicone mold either. If you are worried about bubbles in your mold but not the plastic then it just the same. The bubbles the vacuum takes out of plastic don’t rise fast. Big ones do but the ones that cloud up the clear plastic don’t. Different people have different standards and expectations. Fish don’t care about a lot of things but the fisherman has to like it enough to put it on his hook first before the fish ever sees it. So it’s not about what the fish like is it.
  16. After seeing the last post let me clarify how I do it. I pour the raw plastic in the pot and vacuum it raw. I do not put in other containers and vacuum that way. For me it grows to much and over fills the smaller containers. Just my way. I never put hot plastic in either cause I have had the lid slip off once and it splashed raw plastic all over. If it was hot it would have been a nightmare.
  17. I don’t think I ever put one together for the chamber. Not much to it. But a new one is coming soon.
  18. My advice would be get one with a lid for a 10” pot. That is a size you can grow into if needed but stay small for now. These sizes are based on commercial pot sizes. And a 10” lid can go on one as small as 1 gallon up to 5 gallons. This is achieved by getting a bigger pot not a bigger system. For you I would get the 2 gallon for now and it will give you time before you want to do much more. I bought mine all seperate and saved a bunch on shipping. The pot I got locally at a restaurant supply store no shipping. Best value vacs lid from ebay and the same with the vacuum pump.
  19. We use to call the green color Quaker state motor oil. It has always been a red brown green color just depends on how much colorant is used.
  20. Don’t really see a need for negative reason to any company’s products. All plastic works if you take the time to figure it out on your own. 95 percent of problems are user error and most won’t admit it is. If it works for you then you have figured it out and that’s good for you stick with it. In the end they all catch fish and that’s what we want.
  21. I would like to know about it too. I was talking about a pigment that I heard ran out. The one to make the purple that Spikeit use to have called purple 123. They have another one that is on the red side I think it is purple 204.
  22. Exactly one or the other. You will have to find a valve that can take the heat too. No plastic in the valve. Even the handle.
  23. It was put there to keep it heated and not freeze up. Putting it in the middle of a large pots might be a problem if it is to far from the heating element. Unless you could heat the valve some other way. And no the heating element is only in the raised area under the pot.
  24. Start with a chartreuse dye like lureworks 107 then add a purple. The purple they use to use is not available anymore. Start with a 50/50 mix. Use a small amount to achieve the color in the pic. The more you use the more green it will get. I know this sounds weird but it is how it is made. Try it and find out. On a side note I did not say what exact purple to use but test out what you have and see what comes out.
  25. Do you have a picture of the motor oil you want? There’s many versions and a picture could help a lot.
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