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  1. here is the finished product with the modified spire point mold. drilled a tru hole and also a 5/16 pull pin in the back of the head. ened up drilling the eye sockets with a forsner bit. this are my first wahoo bombs i think they look good.
  2. thnaks for the replys i may per able to do it with a forsner bit i think
  3. got a spire piont mold but need larger eye holes to receive 1/2" eyes instead of the 9/32" eyes it calls for any advice on the easiest way to accomplish this. Don't really want to drill out each leadhead.
  4. anyone ever modified a spired point mold to a thru whole mold like a egg sinker to make a wahoo bomb? wondering if it will work like i think.
  5. bought some last week and i personally don't believe it is the same. had some baits yellow really bad from 2 different tubes of it. first time it has happened that bad. found some of thhe old and all was clear again. when i say some baits I mean 50 so it wasn't a one or two bait problem. just a warning or could have been a bad batch of epoxy i don't know. I don't believe it was a mixing problem with that many baits.
  6. as far as pouring alumilite in a alum. mold. i found that some teflon dry lube makes the mold slick as butter no problem getting it out. just coat the mold a couple of times on the first one and then every time you pour. clean head with DNA and you are good to paint. hope this helps someone out since i have learned so much here. you can find the teflon dry lube at any home improvement store.
  7. thanks for the reply. i am using a turner and some have 2 coats. I just wonderif it is because the powder paint so slick .
  8. I am having problems with airbrushing over powder paint on jigheads. I am able to scratch off the cretex paint after clear coating with etex. it is about to drive me crazy any ideas. it will only come off on the top of the jighead from the hook eye to the nose. even jigs that have been drying for weeks i am able to scratch
  9. anybody using powder water through a airbrush with any luck? be trying to get it to spray and can't get it to work. If so how much are you thinning it . thanks for any help.
  10. think i got it. these are just prototypes the ones i will be making will have 3d eyes just waiting on the to get here. i know the last picdon't look that good it was a bad head that had a run on the nose just used some old heads for the prototypes as this was my first attempt at airbrushing over powderpaint
  11. yeah i got them can"t get them to post though
  12. a big thanks to all here for all the words of wisdom on top coat finishes. just finished some new jigs that are base coat powder and then airbrushed and finished with etex. just a word about etex you must have a drying wheel. learned that the hard way.
  13. for those of you shooting with electrstatic how are you racking your jigs for shooting? i've been looking but can't fin annything that would work. the way I understand it is anything not coverd gets painted so how do you keep the paint off the hooks?
  14. thanks man. I tie around 3000 a year. Not bad once i get on a roll. I prefer to paint over tie though. I need to take some pics of some 2oz. I just finished. The paint jod is not fancy but it works. would love to be able to create some 2 color or 3 color heads. I just don't have time to do that. Maybe someday.
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