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  1. Yeah I would agree to the extent that there are other options but show some respect he was in it from the start and it was the bee's knee's when he started to offer it, the fact that there are other options doesn't take away from what that system does and can do, and don't go down that road with me I don't cosign your BS
  2. Haven't done anything for in quite a long time but stumbled onto this video and thought it was impressive albeit time consuming considering the cure times but that may not be an issue for some can't figure out how to share it without the video posting up in the thread if a mod knows how to make it just a link that would be great don't want to violate any posting rules
  3. Hum 2 outta 3 are advertisements for sellers that should also be in the classifieds but I see lurepartsonline is in both guess my adblock can't do it all
  4. Your better off just bartering with your friends and not making mention of it on social media I mean I don't know how many your number of "friends" is but once you start packaging and advertising you've enter another realm where the tax man will be very interested
  5. Now that right there is funny this site has nowhere near that number of active members more like a few thousand divide that by the number that work with and frequent the soft plastics forum and well the number is quite small
  6. Yeah its a shame, to put it in perspective I searched for these videos and found a thread where the links were still on the page albeit broken and decided maybe we could reach out to the individual that posted them to see if he still may have them 1 he has not signed on in quite a long time and 2 and the more important one is his birthday was something in the early 30's so we are prolly loosing many from the period in which hand pouring was king
  7. You're putting too much into this process he did not have some breakthrough process in fact many that tried it have moved on to other methods, wish I still had the CD's I would send them to you for free as I moved on not long after getting them but trust me you will be underwhelmed at the process its flat out that simple, a few bent wires of you favorite diameter and length a few disposable aluminum pans a couple cheap hot plates and some patience as you won't be breaking any records in production Also keep in mind that most folks from that time period probably aren't even on the site any more Good luck!
  8. Well short of any other description they are perfect, but they tend to be on the thin side so the're not a one size fits all, i like the thin tails as they move nice in little to no current
  9. Yeah I think what people are missing here is that he was doing this before all the goodies and tech stuff we now have he was doing tubes when no one else was and the days of plaster molds were still king
  10. Yep that's the way I remember it but to be quite honest the process is quite simple I had his video but I think I passed it on to someone on another forum but the above process was how it was done but there was trimming involved it wasn't a clean process like vertical dipping provides and then there are the tube molds for which I changed to and never looked back
  11. It's been a long time but I remember a thread and I believe he gave permission to post here, not sure if it still exists but try doing a search I don't think it would be appropriate for someone to sell you his work though
  12. Short answer is no they are not all compatible you do need to know as stated old Jacobs molds have a smaller port you will need to know the dimension, most are 5/8" but there have been a lot of overseas offerings that may make it to the us market via directly or ebay and the like so a little investigating is in order but from most suppliers in the states there should be no issue
  13. Bingo at least for me! And from his screen shot it looks like Adblock on the upper right
  14. If I can find it I will post a pic but flex is a non issue and the leverage is benificial both in control and keeping your digits still at a count of ten I found that although the pic I provided of that unit worked your hands are very close to some serious sharp blades, that unit is Bojon's design and I sure do miss his input on all things tubes but he's well remembered for his contributions to this site I hope you can do a forum search on his tube process. also a shout out to Al Winco for the his expert tutelage
  15. find a cheap paint roller the small type you may need to tap threads on the end but all you need to do is determine how spaced apart the blades are and put the correct washers between and you have a safe but effective tail cutter here is one that I used before I made the paint roller version:
  16. Del had a cut tail worm not sure of that size though
  17. Yeah that contact us thing that's just a widget that comes with most web pages a lot of web stores don't use them but they are there by default
  18. The Talon has a fan head option but I would put it on a siphon fed brush with a .66 needle/nozzle so you can mount the whole bottle a spray to your hearts content. I have one and it works just fine don't quite remember the specs but I think fan pattern is over 3 inches Edited just now by gone2long
  19. Hey guys sorry I passed mine on when I went to tube molds but it's quite simple to make google "fabric blades" they are round and somewhere around 2-2 1/2 inches in diameter you alternate blade then a washer to as wide as needed and put them on a small narrow paint roller then just get yourself a plastic cutting board or cutting platform of choice and have at it https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiav4DvlurZAhWXSw0KHY2dBioYABAQGgJxYg&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESEeD2QG-ROh0YaAlazdJIUHMm&sig=AOD64_3HF4QilnzEInxGZqG0TBweDlzaSA&ctype=46&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjX6_rulurZAhUtSN8KHQjiD2AQ9aACCOgB&adurl=https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiav4DvlurZAhWXSw0KHY2dBioYABAQGgJxYg&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESEeD2QG-ROh0YaAlazdJIUHMm&sig=AOD64_3HF4QilnzEInxGZqG0TBweDlzaSA&ctype=46&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjX6_rulurZAhUtSN8KHQjiD2AQ9aACCOgB&adurl=https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiav4DvlurZAhWXSw0KHY2dBioYABAOGgJxYg&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESEeD2QG-ROh0YaAlazdJIUHMm&sig=AOD64_1RaHAVyai7ia4DkrRFXYTeZJsjAA&ctype=5&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjX6_rulurZAhUtSN8KHQjiD2AQ9aACCOEB&adurl=https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwiav4DvlurZAhWXSw0KHY2dBioYABAOGgJxYg&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAESEeD2QG-ROh0YaAlazdJIUHMm&sig=AOD64_1RaHAVyai7ia4DkrRFXYTeZJsjAA&ctype=5&q=&ved=0ahUKEwjX6_rulurZAhUtSN8KHQjiD2AQ9aACCOEB&adurl=
  20. Try a roller cutter you won't go back to your old way, bit expensive up front but well worth it the blades are for fabric cutters put them on a small paint roller and bam you got yourself a production cutter.
  21. You'll know the first time you use it
  22. Well lets hope ya'll don't forget and go pick your nose
  23. All good advice so far I would only add a couple pointers I kept a piece of pvc pipe next to the booth and tested colors on that you get different results from the same paint over different base coats and don't get discouraged and overthink your decisions of color choice once you've clear coated you will find that makes the paint pop and don't forget to get micro glitter and play with adding small amounts to your clear coat you get amazing results
  24. Sounds more like when they were made the plastic was not completely mixed only time I have ever heard of oily plastics is when its not mixed thoroughly from the start but who knows that's a long time to be sitting and breaking down
  25. You may also try rubbing the threads of the cone/tip on a candle or some use chapstick and reassemble you are clearly having an air leak backing up in the cup but as stated it you split the cone/tip it can be difficult to see
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