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  1. You might try the trick I use to remove tubes. I put the tube and mandrel in a bucket of water and move it back in forth. Once a little water gets between the plastic and the rod it comes off super easy.
  2. Not a big fan of protec I like Columbia for candies.
  3. I make a few slow pitch blanks. Feel free to pm me if you like.
  4. What colors. do you need? I like columbia and prismatics.
  5. Candy powder coats are fairly thin. It also depends on how thick you apply it. I use epoxy powder from a local guy and It feels thinner than the usual stuff.
  6. I'll looking for 8 inch long by for tall bads?
  7. Awesome advice, what mask do you use or recommend for pouring and smelting lead?
  8. Definitely no need to sand the jig to make make the powder coat stick.
  9. Thanks for posting. Enjoyed your YouTube videos.
  10. andy1976

    SF true smelt

    Those look awesome.
  11. andy1976

    image009 1

    I may have a extra mold. Let me try it and see how it functions next week. Not going to be cheap though.
  12. The 6/0 7/0 and 8/0 is easy to bend. I cut the end finger off glove. Stick the bend and point in the glove. Put cutters on the eye and bend forward. The bottom part of the cutter goes on the shank and the top goes against the eye.
  13. What size do you need? I can do them with a black nickel mustad.
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