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  1. swimb8s

    Cultiva Topwater

    I really like the Owner Cultiva bait and this is the last one I have (I believe they don't make them anymore ) , RC-3 tan resin and my hand cut stencils where used . Time is just around the corner , WTD . Thanks for looking
  2. swimb8s

    Baby powder

    Thank you to whoever posted here to use the powder to dust mold before pouring resin in mold . I have had zero bubbles , zero problems with my last topwater lure I'm working on that has very deep cuts for the gills .Complete pours and lure demolds so easy , will extend the life of the mold too . Tommy
  3. swimb8s


    Thanks Big Epp always appreciate your kind words
  4. swimb8s


    Bought the painted blades and tried to color match with my Ultra Minnow mold . Hand painted heads and hand tied skirts
  5. Welcome to TU , Seems I can see ridges or bumps , I think they are 3D printed parts
  6. swimb8s


    A few of the Herring head jigs I've tied up , I like the layered effect and look so nice wet
  7. This was four colors in a package , The Loon torch was not included . The pink has seperrated and the orange is becoming seperrated to , tried shaking didn't seem to help. This stuff sets up really hard and tack free . The colors are would pop a little more if I would have put a clear coat on but it was just an example to show you Think it's a close match ,
  8. It's UV resin , I found some at Hobby Lobby they are in little bottles and different colors , can be found in the bead section mixed in with beading tools . I will take pictures and post on Monday
  9. swimb8s


    I'll try to do a video , I'm still impressed with my lack of computer skills that I can even upload and post a picture , this will be a challenge for me . Thanks guys Tommy
  10. swimb8s


    Thanks Big Epp ,keep up the good work ! Please note that I did not make the pike swimbait , only painted , I have made some swimbaits that have four joints . This has way to many joints for me Tommy
  11. swimb8s


    Here is a couple Livingston topwaters I painted using the hot glue stencils , really added some depth , I hand cut a stencil for the juvenile pike
  12. swimb8s


    I like the scales you have done with the dremel , folk art like . Dremels are amazing tools . Mostly I have drawn and hand carved my scales with exacto or similar blade , I am going to try a couple different things this weekend and post results
  13. Thanks Big Epp ! I will mess around to see how a scale pattern might be achieved , I think the clear glue can be used to make some cool walleye eyes so I'll make them and post pictures
  14. swimb8s


    Nice ! I wondered how that flocking was going , thought about that some time ago and then had forgotten , good job
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