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  1. swimb8s

    Gill Detail

    Awesome , thanks guys . Putting it and all the other lures made during the winter to use all next week .
  2. swimb8s


  3. swimb8s


  4. swimb8s


  5. swimb8s

    Gill Detail

    Here is my first attempt , not the most symmetrical . Next time I will glue the two ends of gills before putting in place . Turned out pretty cool , Thanks guys More pics in galley
  6. swimb8s

    Gill Detail

    Thank you guys , I will finish a top water with paint and gills to show a better perspective and post pictures soon . Tommy
  7. swimb8s

    Gill Detail

    Here is a gill detail I came up with ( at least have not seen before ) , I am making a top water and flat sided crankbait and will be layering a light color next to collar and darker on top for contrast . Think this will be cool detail
  8. swimb8s


    They also don't helicopter or spin in the air like a ball head marabou jig , so nice not to have that happen
  9. swimb8s


    Your right ,That's exactly what this box of baits are for . Thanks Hillbilly Voodoo .
  10. swimb8s


    Yes thank you Big Epp , It turned out just like I thought of in my head . Keep up the good work !
  11. swimb8s


    Thank You barrybait , it's an older bait , probably seven years ago with an attempt at foil . I hope to share a lot more with you guys
  12. swimb8s


    Vent detail
  13. swimb8s


    Here is a vent detail I'm messing around with
  14. swimb8s


    The jig style here I use 4 - #4 lead shot for weight for a slow sink pitching into trees and weeds
  15. swimb8s


    Here you can see the different types using the same mold
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