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  1. swimb8s


    I'll try to do a video , I'm still impressed with my lack of computer skills that I can even upload and post a picture , this will be a challenge for me . Thanks guys Tommy
  2. swimb8s


    Thanks Big Epp ,keep up the good work ! Please note that I did not make the pike swimbait , only painted , I have made some swimbaits that have four joints . This has way to many joints for me Tommy
  3. swimb8s


  4. swimb8s


    Here is a couple Livingston topwaters I painted using the hot glue stencils , really added some depth , I hand cut a stencil for the juvenile pike
  5. swimb8s


    I like the scales you have done with the dremel , folk art like . Dremels are amazing tools . Mostly I have drawn and hand carved my scales with exacto or similar blade , I am going to try a couple different things this weekend and post results
  6. Thanks Big Epp ! I will mess around to see how a scale pattern might be achieved , I think the clear glue can be used to make some cool walleye eyes so I'll make them and post pictures
  7. swimb8s


    Nice ! I wondered how that flocking was going , thought about that some time ago and then had forgotten , good job
  8. Here is a simple method for making some stencils I came up with I lay down a sheet of aluminum foil , sprayed with butter flavored Pam ( that was all I had , I suspect regular Pam would also work ) Drizzle hot glue randomly , about 10 " above work surface . If you want thick lines you can let the glue spread before cooling down or the thinner lines cool down quickly - I just blew air on them to set at what stage I wanted . Clean with soap and water . They are soft and pliable and can be clipped around lure like tulle or laid down as usual . I am going to try doing this method on blank square bill ( sprayed with butter Pam first ) to see if it will hold the shape once cooled down , more ideas will have to wait till next weekend
  9. swimb8s


    The top rat is a MATT MOREAU bait , his baits and style have always influenced me . the bottom rat is my first rat from many years ago , made of oak and sinks like a rock , didn't think that thru
  10. swimb8s


    1 1/2 ounce vibrating jig , Magnum blade ( Barlow's ? )hand tied skirt and 5/0 owner spinnerbait hook
  11. swimb8s

    Wake Bait

    If you use resins you can try these ideas too, The unpainted one up top is Alumires ( RC-3 ) tan for the lower body and the Alumifoam on top . I let the RC-3 cure and poured the foam in mold and use a small piece of cardboard at the pour spout to keep the foam compressed in the mold as it rises - makes the foam more dense , this foam cures very hard and dense but really floats . The unpainted one sinks slowly and upright , I didn't add micro balloons to the RC-3 as I did with the painted one . The painted one is a moderate wake bait with great action , I don't have any of the ones I made with a lip around any more to show you but use the advice above about lip angles and such . The resin portion is heavier and the foam keeps it upright so with this style of bait no weight is necessary . Can also use the Alumilite White to do the same thing , You might be able to see in the painted version some of the " grain " from the foam come thru . The foam may not keep the crisp details . The exploding one was the first attempt , the resin was still soft . Poured foam in walked away and came back and had a good laugh . I have poured the resin and let it partly cure and add foam , fully cure and add foam ( to see if the foam bonded any better to the partly cured resin ) seemed to be the same good bond .
  12. swimb8s


    Thank you sir , it's interesting just looking at it motionless on the surface . Fairly convincing it looks like a real critter . Fun to make
  13. swimb8s

    Spoons_and_Blades (1).jpg

    Those all look great , Really like the showcase of lures , alot of time right there . Well done !
  14. swimb8s


    Resin rat , with a touch of death ...
  15. swimb8s


    Now if the wind would kindly slow to a howlin' pace and warm up a bit I might be able to test these out
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