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  1. Nice video , had no idea changing colors could be so easy . I need to take a break from my fly tying and art project so this will be perfect this weekend , melt some lead pour some spinnerbaits and jigs . Thanks for Jungle Jim info too

    So many things to do ...

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  2. A piece of balsa from a hobby store can have multiple densities in a short section , one part of the same " board " may be soft enough to crush and some parts having and end grain that is hard to cut or sand smooth , basswood is much more consistent with the grain to give the bait a better consistency 

  3. Try to use one method , witch ever method seems to have best control when cutting , then slowly sand with sanding blocks or power tools . You are still learning , Practice will improve your skills even if you are getting different results you are still learning the in's and out's . Templates like Hillbilly Voodoo says , if you cut and sand to those lines you will have consistency 

  4. Here is my first attempt , not the most symmetrical . Next time I will glue the two ends of gills before putting in place . Turned out pretty cool , Thanks guys

    More pics in galley



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  5. Here is a gill detail I came up with ( at least have not seen before ) , I am making a top water and flat sided crankbait and will be layering a light color next to collar and darker on top for contrast . Think this will be cool detail


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  6. Hey Mark ,

    I'm thinking you may be asking about the Luhr Jensen A C plug , so far all I see from TW and even the AC plug website listed as wood . I have an original and maybe I can find original packaging to see if it gives any info .




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  7. You will probably end up with a wide variety of bobbins as try different ones, I have a bunch with different colors and sizes of thread ready to go so I don't have to change and rethread a bobbin every time . And like Sharon Macomber said the level of satisfaction and your creativity is no limit . Have fun !!

  8. I have some very cheap and very expensive bobbins and they all work great with this thread , ( be careful while threading not to snag the thread itself ) Petitjean adjustable is one of my favorites .Sometimes while tying it's easy catch the hook point causing it to fray or when whip finishing the hook of the actual whip finisher can pull out a couple strands causing the same look or " blowout " . If you are a right hand tier as you lay down the thread wraps it begins to put a clockwise twist in , that helps to keep all the nylon together , when you don't want the build up of the corded thread spin counter clockwise to flatten out thread ,. Tightline videos will help ,

    Hope this helps

  9. I use the nylon weed guards from the medium size ( 2 strands ) for the wacky rig hooks .

    4 strands for the drop shot hooks and smaller finesse wide gap hooks .

    1 ) Lay some thread wraps down for a base , flat thread keeps it looking nice and won't bulk up at hook eye .

    2 ) Place weed guard material and wrap with flat thread as shown , whip finish with four or five wraps .

    3 ) Bend back the fibers with finger to position them and trim to length , I hit the ends with a little heat to round off sharp edges .

    4 ) Apply some Hard as Nails and let dry .

    I have found these can be bent, splayed , or positioned very easily and have held up for years and so easy to do .










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