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  1. swimb8s

    2.5 hunters 4.jpg

    Thanks for sharing in detail and pics , I can finally wrap my head around this ,and the time invested . Tons of hard work you guys put into projects !!
  2. Amazing information , really annoying anymore to hear or see the pros on T.V. talk about how their lures are designed to hunt only to see the very typical crank bait doing the very predictable wobble . We are all excited to see what you come up with . It's funny how you say it could look " Weird " but we've all seen what this means in the fishing world , weird is the norm . Good Luck Tommy
  3. It's a DoIt mold hook #785 in a size 6 , then just made a little wire bait holder, you can PM me if you're interested in pictures and details of how I modified mold ( quite easy to do ) , thanks Tommy
  4. swimb8s


    Bat jig Do-It modified to make under spin
  5. Batjig mold I modified to have underspin
  6. Super effort, and Owner hooks and details are sweet !
  7. Lot's of potential , nice job keep up the good work Tommy
  8. I like it, Thanks for taking the time as you do with everything to explain and demonstrat Tommy
  9. swimb8s

    Wet Profile

    Very nice , clean collar . Tying and painting is so fun . Well Done!
  10. I seem to be the master of not being able to make UV resins cure, Bondic was OK ,the Loon Thin and Loon Thick is the one I'm using now . First time trying I found my batteries were weak in torch , second attempt everything cured perfectly ( 4 A.M. ) , later that day using the same things the same way and even changing batteries I can't get either one in small or large doses to cure . Only thing I can think of is a small amount of sunlight shining in caused the torch not to be as bright , Even took outside to cure in sun nothing cured . I believe that 30 seconds of UV blast is more than en
  11. That's a interesting idea , cool to see pics with clear coat . Happy New Year and keep the paint flying .
  12. swimb8s

    jointed tiger2.jpg

    Real cool colors and pattern, like the unpainted one, neat to see the work before the paint
  13. swimb8s

    The Leviathan trout

    Four days to draw scales and fourty days to carve scales , super nice video and bait , Thanks Mikko !!!!
  14. swimb8s

    Crankbait Fins

    SolarFall tutorials, easy to follow and fantastic videos
  15. swimb8s


    Speedy recovery , ' whirring ' , exciting !!
  16. swimb8s

    musky baits19.jpg

    Great pattern , That's sometimes how I get a darker color by adding black or sepia , love sepia ! Also want to see when clear coated . Great job
  17. swimb8s

    musky bait 33.jpg

    Wicked nice !! Can imagine teeth marks in already
  18. Use mostly Owner ST36 black/chrome and Gamakatsu EWG
  19. Geez !! Love the detail and consistency
  20. ALL outstanding !!! Talk about busy
  21. swimb8s

    spruce cone paddle tail

    Awesome and once again get's me thinking , hmmmm what can I Thanks Solarfall
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