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  1. Usually have good control with this type of bit , easy to make a channel or groove . Buy different sizes , you will find uses for all of them
  2. I like to build rods, tie flies , modify or make my own jigs from blank molds, reproduce ancient stone tools ( flintknapping ), sculptures from driftwood, glass etching , make bracelets , love playing pool , drawing , painting , carving in stone . Here is a couple pics . Like many too many fascinating things to see and do , not enough time
  3. Have a Picture ? Maybe use some resin, pour into a Colorado blade Lay in rattle and let cure then pop out and foil tape the outside and clear coat ?
  4. Really nice work , lots of fish coming your way !
  5. I learn something new here ALL the time , so much inspiration and admiration , thanks everyone for sharing your knowledge and passing it on
  6. They will look great I'm sure ! Going to look at tutorial right now, thanks for sharing
  7. All those crawdad patterns are amazing !! Great paint
  8. swimb8s

    More Gills.

    Geez those are clean , all your baits are nicely done !!
  9. swimb8s

    7 inch cedar gill

    Yep super nice , a lot of time spent on this beauty
  10. swimb8s

    First Crappie Paint

    Like this pattern , you are a workhorse for sure. Well done sir !
  11. Clean work as always and nice profile
  12. swimb8s


    Thanks Chuck, Your work is clean ( Really awesome sunfish , DM ) and the great advice you have to offer
  13. You have been busy , all your paint looks great and I really like this scheme !! Keep the paint flying
  14. swimb8s


    Clear coat and dressed trebles, they chug, and walk the dog really well . Another fun project and successful The top lure is an older lure revisited
  15. swimb8s

    5" Topwater

    Everything close by is frozen so haven't had a chance to see , should have a good chug to it Thanks for the compliment !
  16. swimb8s

    customised my rod

    Hawg perch, hawg
  17. swimb8s

    5" Topwater

    Molded and made cast with RC-3, sits tail down in water . Inspiration for head comes from a crappie 2.5 ounces and will fit with some size 1 treble hooks , rear dressed
  18. swimb8s


    Super clean and interesting about the wicked silver , well done sir !!
  19. Not often someone says they welded a lure, I like it and the name is perfect Very nice Tommy
  20. swimb8s


    Thank You , well said so much talent here I like what you have to offer with such great finesse baits , I will be spending time looking over your product Thanks Tommy
  21. I like how these turned out, Thanks to Lure Colour Studio and the videos I used his techniques to do this
  22. This is a resin swimbait I designed , this one also has expanding foam for top 1/3 to make it a wake bait
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