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  1. swimb8s

    Infant Gill

    Yep I'm jealous, nice work
  2. swimb8s

    Pvc Swim Bait

    Take a look at JRHOPKINS lures at link above , great work, uses paint brushes and makes his own molds and pours his own tails, I have also used lexan wich worked well
  3. Interesting idea with the super glue, you guys amaze me
  4. Very clean looking baits ! Nice that you were able to test them too, like the old school hardware.
  5. swimb8s

    Eye Screws

    Is epoxy going to be strong enough ? Using 5 min or 30 min ? I want to be able to swing a bass in the boat with my lures. Thanks again for all the info
  6. Thanks for the info guys, it's just hard to look at the work you guys do and see what mine is turning out like. But like always practice , practice !! Tommy
  7. swimb8s

    Eye Screws

    I finished some rats that are made of oak. When I was installing the SS eye screws ( predrilled holes ) three in a row broke off . I bought them at Jann's. Also don't like that the threads are so fine. Anyone have a better source/ideas ? Thanks Tommy
  8. Oh yes I like your wisdom !! I also really like your work too. Dave do you also make your own " figure 8 " s that are epoxied in swimbait for your pins to run through ? Thanks for the great info Tommy
  9. I am having a hard time making the " V " cuts for swimbait joints consistent, I am not glueing two halves together but rather marking and cutting with small bandsaw. Sometimes the cut on the bottom is cut more than the top or too far past center mark etc... How are you guys getting such clean and accurate joints ? Thanks for the help !! Tommy
  10. Hey Guys. I made some swimbaits , got them balanced with correct weight and then used epoxy putty to fill in the holes. Painted baits and tested them . When I looked at them about four hours later I noticed that the places I used the putty had shrunk creating craters . Anyone know what may have caused this ? Thanks Tommy
  11. swimb8s

    Latest Edition

    O.K. That is sick !!!! Great work, are you using water base paint or automotive paint ? Thanks Tommy
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