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  1. Great feedback....I will try Dicknite on these...thanks Great feedback....I will try Dicknite on these...thanks
  2. I am currently making some lures for Lake Trout which I often fish 100+ft off the downriggers. I have caught several lakers on various different lures and have realized that they wear/peal/crack much quicker when exposed to the depths of the lakes. Any suggestions on what topcoat and material would handle deep water pressue the best? My Plan-Make plugs out of PVC, use large screw eyes for tow and hook ties, paint, and finish with an epoxy (Dev).....my worry is the epoxy will crack and peel due to being hard/brittle
  3. Thank You! Very helpful link....I'll have to try it again. It's a little discouraging to put so much time and prep into a lure to have the seal/finish coat come off, but I'm excited to make some more.
  4. My most recent batch of Etex covered baits didn't do so well. I fished a couple of my lures pretty hard and realized that after some time the Etex was peeling off...Does anyone know what my problem was, or what I may have done wrong? How many coats do most of you "hard core" lure builders put on your lures?
  5. First of all, this website is very helpful and full of great info. Thanks everyone....I just started building my own plugs/lures and have became addicted to building and watching the lures evolve. I just got done with my first lures. I went out the other day to see how they swim and went home discouraged. Only a small portion even swam upright/good. Is this an issue with the front screw eye and can be fixed by bending, or is it because my bills aren't set perfectly straight and centered? I ordered bills off the web and epoxied them in the slits that I had cut in. Any info. on how to tune/fix/r
  6. fishnut7

    Lip Glue

    I'm new to lure making. I am actually on my first batch of lures. I've shaped a handfull out of basswood,installed eyescrews,cut for lips/bills. Brings me to my question......What do most of you use to fasten/glue in your bills? What is the toughest and best for water resistant?
  7. Does anyone have a source for some Big/Huge willowleaf blades. I need something bigger than size 7 or 8, which is the biggest I have found so far.
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