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  1. I am going to try both PVC board and Balsa. Starting with Balsa.
  2. I have been painting my own baits for several years and now want to try and make some of my own crankbaits. Trying to figure out what type of wire to use for the hook and hangers. Type and size. Try the search on here but not having luck. Jeff
  3. How do you attach those pins into the bait to make sure they will not come out? Just epoxy them into predrilled holes or something? Just getting ready to make my first attempts at swimbaits and trying to get all my ideas in place on how to do it.
  4. Thanks Vic, I did search but I was doing it for like thru wire and through wire and was coming up with nothing. The post you sent the link to is perfect. Jeff
  5. I want to try and make some baits myself. Already got the PVC molding material to use for the baits. Where does everyone who makes their own baits get their bill materials from? Also I want to do through wire, where do I get the wire and what gauge wire do I need? Thanks, Jeff
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