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  1. I blended the skip jacks and put them in a bucket with water and salt. I scoop the fat and oil from the top after a few days in the backyard; It smelled, and I got green. I put the fat and oil in skillet trying to get rid of the water. Did this probably 5 times, the whole neighborhood stunk of fish. Mix the oil/fat with hot plastisol, and I got small bubbles in the plastic. The plastisol smells like fish, but the lure has some bubbles. I might try this again, but I'll use a pressure cooker to remove the water. Actually, I'm just going to use scented oils next time.
  2. I was thinking of blending/grinding a couple skip jacks and skimming the oil from the top of the mixture after it sits for awhile. I was wondering if any one has tried something similar before. Will the oil be okay to mix with plastisol?
  3. Flyman


    This guy bit a pink bead head fly that I tied.
  4. Flyman

    simple foil, mask, and dip

    Those look nice. How do them fish?
  5. No more dimples! Hey guys, thanks for the tips and helping out a noob.
  6. The mold has two cavities.
  7. I'm sorry; I'm not familiar with the term pop mold. Anyways, this is what I'm doing: I'm pouring into a rtv mold from Lurecraft with Lurecraft formula 548 . I heat the plastic on an electric range. The plastisol goes from a white liquid to a clear goo then to a clear liquid. I add colors and then pour. I wait about 3 minutes to pull the bait out of the mold. Then the bait goes in water bath.
  8. Hi, guys. I been a member for awhile, but I lost interest in pouring my own baits(darn fly fishing taking up all my free time). What I'm doing wrong? I keep getting dimples in the baits. The fish don't care, but I would like the aesthetics of a smoother bait.
  9. Flyman

    6,6" swimbaits

    I like the tail section. How do they swim and fish?
  10. Hi, I'm from NorCal and do a lot of stream, river, delta, and some lake fishing. I typical try to flyfish but have learned that using multiple techniques is better, whether it's: flyfishing, soaking bait, throwing lures, etc. I consider myself extremely versitale and experience fisherman. I like using swimbaits to locate stripers then switch over to the flyrod. I figure the typical 5-7 inch soft plastic swimbait I use costs me $2-$5, plus the jighead, and generally, I lose couple swimbaits week to the river or a striper destorys the bait. So, I have recently bought some lure molds and pl
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