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  1. keysd13

    Hopkins DVD

    I did today. I wasn’t sure if he was still active on this forum.
  2. keysd13

    Hopkins DVD

    Anyone know where I can purchase a copy of the JR Hopkins dvd on building swimbaits?
  3. My first attempt at making a shad look alike. Made from cedar with circuit board bill.
  4. Thanks Mark, I'll give it a try.
  5. I tried smaller rings and VMC barbarians with no luck. You may be correct that I need to take some weight out, which is unfortunate.
  6. I painted some of the Flap Slap KO baits and they sink tail down at a fast rate when I place hooks on the bait. I'm using etex epoxy and tried various hooks with the same sink action. Without hooks the bait slowly floats up. Does anyone have recommendations for a hook setup? Picture attached shows the bait I'm referring to.
  7. Base coat the lure white and then use a low adhesion tape to cover the eye. I measured pupil and base of the eye and ordered hole punches to match. Then just spray your base color followed by the pupil.
  8. Rayburn guy, I can't locate it. I'd love to see it if you come across the link again.
  9. BobP, I think the brush may be the way to go. I'll make an extra mouse to try it on. Uncle Jay, let me know if you find that book, I'd sure like to check it out. Thanks
  10. I use a small toaster oven in my shop to heat my hooks. I often use oversized hooks in my jig molds and the lead doesn't like to fill the cavity unless the hook is heated. Also make sure that the lead pot has an adequate amount of lead in it and the spout is flowing well.
  11. So far I'm liking the 570BP the best. I poured some the other night and will report back when I fish with them. Fits the mold nicely and the hook as a good feel/finish.
  12. Small Jaw, thanks so much for the info. This is exactly what I was looking for.
  13. I purchased the Nose worm mold. What is the best hook everyone has found for the 1/16 size? I ordered some eagle claw 570s, but they seem pretty soft.
  14. Thanks for the tips. I'll let you guys know if I figure it out.
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