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  1. Anyone know where to get one??
  2. DelMart sells a sickle like that $150 great mold took me a while to get mine was my only complaint but its a great mold
  3. I like bears scents. Never tried to make any they have to be oil based not water based and if buying from outsourced place you have to buy a ton to save any money
  4. Not amazing at all Considering it is Bear He customer service is second to NONE!!! Simply the BEST customer service in this business period..
  5. Bass Tackle Open Pour Swim 5” & Twin Tail Lizard is SOLD Hitch Mold still available go to BassTackle watch the video the action is amazing
  6. eartworm who you use for your labels
  7. Bears Twin Tail 6.5” Lizard $45 shipped SOLD
  8. 5” Craz Craw sold pending funds to Ryans Custom Lures Bears Twin Tail 6.5” Lizard $45 shipped Bears 1.75” Crappie Craw 5 cav $55 Shipped sold to JimDawg Bears 6” Flat Belly Finesse 5 cav $75 Shipped sold pending funds to lurehead03 Bass Tackle Open Pour Swim 5” $80 Shipped or Trade Bass Tackle Hitch Swim Mold 5” $50 Shipped or trade Here are molds I need: All Bears Molds 5.25 Sticks 4.75 Twitchy Minnow 3 Cav 1.75 Twitchy 4.25 Kodiaks 4 1/2 Brush Bug 3.5" Frog 4.5" Tube Bears Hollow Swim
  9. As long as the cavities are not damaged your probably good to go on used molds. Most molds you get from mentioned vendors will serve you well...Find ones you like and what you want to make that way you enjoy fishing and have confidence in the type of bait your making.
  10. I only have the open pour mold left I would Take $90 shipped for it
  11. These guys are right on track no need to buy a book the forums have a ton of information and most are willing to help you out. On molds buy what suits your needs. If you do not see a kit have everything your looking for buy everything seperate to get setup the way you want.
  12. Ok going through my molds and narrowing down to keeping one I want to go into semi production with. Therefore the ones i do not feel I want to keep as part of my stock I am willing to trade for mold or molds of equal value or match value for value and if cash need to exchange either way we can discuss that as well. Pretty much going all Bears molds so heres what I have and followed by what I need duplicates or multiples of.... Will accept bears gift cert as well dont matter to me as long as were both happy. The molds for sale are like new I poured or injected them only a couple times and the g
  13. Easy to say but no matter. He is 16 years old if like me when his age I liked to push the limits I perfer him not get seriouly burned to learn a lesson and he may never but still easy to say but a caring parent still takes extra precautions. Anyway great tips and suggestions fromeveryone
  14. I tried to do a search on injector modifications and it turned up some info but not what I was looking for. With that said I am wanting to possible pin my injector nozzles just for added safety. I was not going to do this as I have had good luck not dropping the nozzle in molten plastic very often. I learned pretty fast however my 16 year old want to help me make baits and wants to inject the molds hes doing good but It always is at the back of my mind him popping the nozzle off. I have a couple ideas but wanted to see how you guys that have pinned slip nozzles have done it. I am thinking a kn
  15. Thank ya BBK I need to go through my reloading stuff i have some bullet mold release. I did preheat my mold in the toaster oven and had the heat all the way to high unless my pots crapping out on me maybe i need to check the heat with a IR temp gun
  16. Anyone have experience with Hilts molds got a couple from dolphin sports I have to say the bullet mold line inserts need epoxy or jb welded in place. Besides that my biggest issie is the slip jig mold. It seems nothing I try do I get all 4 cavities to fill the collar part of the mold if the do 1/2 the time the have a hairline in them and break of when demolding. I pour my own sinkers and jig heads and have not had that issue with my do-it jig molds with a collar. Perhaps hilts sprue is no large egnough to allow it to flow fluid. I am at a loss any suggestions. I have tried higher head on my le
  17. This is a little off topic but Frank to secure the nozzle end on the injectors that are not pinned could you not put a seated head in a injector drill a small hole not all the way through remove the head seat a roll pin then take a end mill in a dremel or drill pres make a l slot from hole drilled to end of injector? Then simply reinsert heat into injector and twist to lock it. After reading seem that is a simple solution to lock non pinned heads I dont really have to much a issue but have not payed attention time to time and have dropped the head back in the hot plastic in the pyrex.
  18. Bob it can do a few thing you mentioned including helping your bait sink faster or slower depending on amount used
  19. Not sure about bass tackle but have bears and its great
  20. Bear sell salt. Also can use a coffee grinder use salt with out iodine. As far as color also make sure you shake them if they have been sitting .... Most everything else has been covered
  21. +1 highly recommend the complete setup
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