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  1. Great guys to do business with & they back up their molds.
  2. I have a Romanoff Floor Vulcanizer (The 600LB one) that the Heating element's have gone out. Have any of ya'll had any experience with replacing them & maybe give me a starting place. Thanks, Rube Glover
  3. I have 8 of their molds, they all shoot great.
  4. We pass the shipping on to the customer, the padded envelope is figured into the shipping.
  5. My wife said that USPS charges an average of 3.00 now got a 5oz envelope. The 11oz one that we shipped today cost 4.25, prices varies on what part of the country that you are shipping to.
  6. The padded envelopes are 67.95 per 500. Size 6.5 X 10. I get them on Ebay Yes you can add about .13 ea on the padded envelopes. I will check with my wife & see if USPS had another price increase, seems like she said something about that a couple of weeks ago.
  7. USPS has screwed up plenty of our orders, but they are still the best way to go with large numbers of small packages & envelope type stuff. We ship 3K to 4K packages & envelope's a year. Small flat rate for over 13oz is the best. Most of my padded envelope's are around 5oz, that cost is 2.65. Don't think we could stay in business shipping small packages thru UPS.
  8. I use a propane torch to preheat my injector, suck in the plastic-shoot your mold and then put the injector back into the cup of hot plastic, push all of the plastic out of the injector & you are ready to shoot again.
  9. Found it, thank you guys for looking. https://fatguysfishing.com/7-speed-worm-5-cavity/
  10. Don't think so, I sent an email to Sarah @ B.T. thinking that it may have been one of theirs. I've looked at the mold makers that I know and can't find anything exact. I have one of my larger stores asking for them & would like a couple more. These worms are like a thick 7" Senko body with a speed tail.
  11. Does anybody know who cut this mold, I need another & can't find the maker. Thanks, Rube
  12. I was looking at building pneumatic clamps also. A good friend of mine is a cabinet maker and showed me his. I have used this one for around a week & I am very pleased with the results.
  13. I bought this Rockwell Jawhorse last week to try as a mold clamp. So far I have clamped 16 molds together, and this thing works great. It has a foot pedal for tightening & release. No more clamping for me. I have spead up production & less work on my hands from using manual clamps. I ran a small exhaust hose above the clamp. It works ok, but I need to run a larger exhaust hose, at least a 6in. Hope this helps some of you guys out. I found this on Amazon for 179.00 https://www.amazon.com/Rockwell-RK9002-JawHorse-Sheetmaster-Workstation/dp/B005BTLXI8/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=Rockwell+JawHorse&qid=1582808177&s=hi&sr=1-5
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