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  1. Does anyone have any idea about the formula for making to Robo Worm Bitchn Craw color? Anyone have any suggestions on how to get the color?
  2. ]Hey Guys, I designed a new bluegill color for my sponsor to use on spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and Jigs and I named it Beasty bluegill. I got the baits yesterday. I went out yesterday and caught 1 small bass real quick on my bluegill colored swim jig and then went out today and lost 2 and caught 2, they would just swim real fast up to it and inhale it or boil up on it. What do you guys think of the color?
  3. Here are some other colors I came up with: Creamy Green pumpkin soup: Dark Green plastic coloring (the kind used in green pumpkin) Pearl, or white plastic coloring Creamy Blue Cheese: White, or pearl Plastic coloring Dark Blue plastic coloring (the kind used in black/blue fleck) Valentines Velvet: White Plastic coloring Pink, or bubblegum plastic coloring
  4. For all you guys that have designed lures and have gotten them sold in stores, How do you do it............. I have notepad after notepad of ideas for new lures and colors and was wondering if any of the guys on this forum that have their own lure company would be willing to talk with me about my ideas........... I have several prototypes
  5. Basspro

    Help Needed

    I am looking for someone to talk with about the Potomac river and I am looking for some guidance in terms of figuring out the river and am looking for someone who I can pick their brains of people who know the river very well and successfully catch fish on it. I would like to talk to someone who could tell me what spots to avoid and what spots usually contain bass and which spots contain quality bass and which spots contain numbers of small keeper bass. I am looking for someone who can point me to web sites and articles that I should read and could serve up names of people that could help me and give me local information, the kind of information you don’t get from Internet study and history. I am looking for people who can tell me Which spots on the potomac river hold the biggest bass. If so, PM me
  6. I call It Rotten Grape Jelly
  7. I am having Carl wengenroth pour some flukes, senkos, brush hogs, and trick worms in this color for me......... I will post photos of them when I get them
  8. Here is a Color I created and absolutely love: Black flake Green flack Red flake Blue Flake Green pumpkin plastic coloring Dark Plum plastic Coloring I plan in trying Lure craft's medium plastic formula with this. Let me know what you think
  9. Basspro


    Is it possible to add eyes to the swimbait after you pour them and do any of you modify your soft plastic swimbaits after you pour them and what type of plastic is best for paddletail swimbaits?
  10. I am interested in the Del-mart craw worm 5''
  11. Im not quite sure, I know one of them I bought at bass pro shops white river fly tying section............The other one my uncle gave me
  12. I have 2 brand new fly tying vises up for sale that have only been used a few times....I am selling them for $25 each, or $50 as a lot
  13. Basspro


    Do you guys ever dip the tails of your paddletail swimbaits in boiling water for a few seconds to help enhabce the action............ I just poured 45 paddle tail swimbaits
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