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  1. It's great to see you here! I've really enjoyed some of your Youtube builds!

  2. solarfall

    line thru crank bait

    So i have been toying around with the idea of making a line thru crankbait and finally got off from my butt and made one, i was pretty surpriced how well it actually works. if your interested you can check out the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8vOX6yWb44&lc=z22wdhqybwigsvsrb04t1aokgf4kaiqviey24c3omiz5rk0h00410
  3. solarfall

    SF true smelt

    i bought them online but you could certainly bend some these too, i would not use a torch my self but boiling water.
  4. solarfall

    SF true smelt

    no not really these had much wider hunting action
  5. solarfall

    The Leviathan trout

    Hey guys long time no see. just wanted to share this latest creation of mine a true giant trout themed swimbait that took me 3 months to do. if your interested i did make a video on the process on how i made it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E55NyFdPnXg&t=632s
  6. solarfall

    Lure made from paper

    So if the title got you curious, yes you read it right this lure is made mostly out of paper, news paper to be excact. if you interested how i made it you can check out the build video here
  7. too bad all of the fish i caught were just babies haha but its still fun to catch them
  8. So i decided to create something different this time around and made lure out of a spruce cone. if your curious how i made it i uploaded a vide of the process few days ago
  9. solarfall

    SF true smelt

    nope i dont have one
  10. solarfall

    SF true smelt

    the details are carved on to the bait and some parts are foiled ontop of that
  11. If you did not already see i have a new video up so if you have 53mins to spare, check ouit the build video on my new carp swimbait https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqv42gUgXvE&lc=z22fc51ovxblhpfbn04t1aokgihph5yyyxep14rvmti0rk0h00410
  12. solarfall

    carp glider

    Been meaning to make a carp swimbait for a really long time now so i finally got off from my ass and made one, looks pretty neat even if i say so my self its 28.5cm long and weighs a respectable 300g, so this is no small bait by any means.
  13. solarfall

    triple roach

    haha yeah you might be right
  14. solarfall

    triple roach

    Hey guys have not posted much here recently but i have been making some baits and this is the most recent one. i call it the triple roach. and if your interested i also made a video on how i made it
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