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  1. Mine is about the same 12”. The gravitational pull causing sagging would only effected by rpm not wheel diameter though. It still takes the same amount of time for a lure to go from up to down regardless of linear speed and a bigger/smaller wheel.
  2. It works ok but it seems like the finish over a batch of lures has more issues than with the 6 rpm rod turner motor I had before that wouldn’t last. Maybe from the brief stops and adding more baits allowing time to sag? Same process with the 6rpm motor as the current 4rpm. Also, I have the same issues of baits flopping on hooks as it goes around I’ve always had only using rubber bands. A more secure connection is needed. Alligator clip or hobby handle looking best currently without constantly bending wire. Thinking of scrapping the whole thing I have and starting from scratch with the spoke
  3. After trying the new grill rotisserie motor I am very happy with the torque. However the speed is slower than I had previously and the result is suffering. Think the new Motor is around 4 rpm. Old was 6. Thinking of a modification using 2 pulleys and a belt but think that may be hard to source parts and keep proper tension.
  4. Rotisserie rod for charbroil Turner is somewhere between 3/8 and 7/16”. Used 3/8” ID bearing refusing to go back.
  5. That doesn’t sound too bad though. I’ve just had bad alligator clips in the past. May try that again with better clips.
  6. Really like the look of that. How well do the alligator clips hold? Was thinking very similar setup with xacto knife handles maybe by attaching a short bolt to the back of them to attach to a nut on the rotisserie stock. not sure how cumbersome that may be screwing in though. Friction fit of dowel may be better.
  7. So... after years of use I’m redoing a lure Turner. The one I currently have will do 24 baits using rubber bands and hooks to hold the lures and uses a rod drying motor. This presents some issues. 1-The motor is not beefy enough and eventually wears out. (Getting rotisserie motor but looking for model recommendations) 2-rubber bands can break when the get old and require constant checking. (Would like a different method of holding the baits that allows for sure grasping of the hook hanger. There isn’t always a lip available. Exacto knife handles? Bulk source?) 3-24 baits i
  8. CarverGLX


    Hypothesis: If the evolution of various forms of life which Vodkaman talks of results in the creation of “false eyes” or mimicry which a predictor would not consider a meal, these species are more successful at longevity, passing on genetics, and not becoming eaten. Therefore, would it not be best to design a bait that did not have eyes and is more likely in an instance to be eaten. Or, would the bait have already gone the way of the dodo because no angler would buy it and the maker himself starved?
  9. Anybody aware of a source for Venture Brite-Bak foil tape or a similar high reflection 1-2 mil tape?
  10. Thank You both for the replies.
  11. For those of you that do throughwire on small cranks, how do you keep dipable topcoat or epoxy off the eyes/hangers? Thought maybe an oil based film or petroleum jelly but don’t want that anywhere near epoxy for the same reasons.
  12. Thank You for the reply. That’s great info.
  13. Getting ready to paint a Hinkle Shad glidebait. What is the best way to clear afterward? Pretty comfortable with epoxy and use E-Tex quite a bit but a little concerned about the joint. Does the bait come apart easily? Just brush on and be careful as it won’t run too much? Also, ideas for a pattern. Going with a Shad pattern but looking for ideas about doing a super job. Holographic mist coats? Special paint? Maybe foil it?
  14. Football heads work fine for finesse jigs. I make them all the time. In fact almost any jig will work as a finesse jig. Finesse (to me) is more of of a profile or cut of the skirt than the jig itself. Some people would claim that a light weight head makes a finesse jig but that is not nescessarily the case, although not in itself untrue. Pick a jig that suits your needs and make a finesse jig out of it.
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