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  1. Jacob's 1.75" 12 cavity tube mold tapped out to accept all injectors on a lathe. $90 shipped TYD comes with at least 1 extra mandrel
  2. GDille


  3. GDille


    Split tail mold sold. Frogs still availble
  4. GDille


    All molds still availble
  5. GDille


    Three 3 3/4" Buzz Frogs, $75 each, $140 for two, and $180 for all three shipped TYD 4.25" split tail- $85 Shipped TYD For the whole lot will do $250 Shipped TYD PM or email me george@gdlures.com Thanks, George
  6. GDille

    2 Bass Tackle Tube Molds

    Two tube molds, $65 TYD, or $120 TYD for both
  7. I use an ice cream maker motor with paddle a I made. If it can stir ice cream, it can stir thickened plastisol
  8. I use the top to a butter dish I bought from Wal-Mart. It works alright. Tight Lines, George
  9. It takes a few mours on my RTV molds to get the warmed up so I don't have these lines. They are the same "cold cracks" you read about with two colors
  10. Hey Folks, 2-7 1/2" U-Tails $35 each or $65 TYD 1-Basstackle Mixing block $25 TYD Lot price-$80 TYD Please PM or email me, [email="dilleg@gmail.com"]dilleg@gmail.com[/email] Tight Lines, George Dille
  11. I tried to PM but you can't get anymore PM's, email me if you still need some...dilleg@gmail.com
  12. I did the same thing you did. I ended up throwing everything away, burning my hand severely, WITH GLOVES ON, because the injector exploded. I went to bears and other places like that. to fix your plastic you have you need lots of hardener, and ask around for some samples of plastic. Choose one and then you're good to go! I have a few one piece aluminum molds I can part with, PM me if you're interested. George
  13. Maybe this could work? My link the wood will not work unless you coat it with something like JB weld, but even that can be hit and miss. go to a welding shop or tractor dealership with a repair shop and see if they have some scrap rod big enough, they would even have the tools to round the nose, and possibly weld a handle on the the end to make dipping easier (although this would weigh a ton). Maybe you could get some thin wall pipe and snip the ends and bend it to make round, the JB weld the cracks? something kinda like deiter has been woking on with a crankbait idea. Mainly look at the end
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