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    I love fishing ... The majority of the time I try and go for big pike but I will fish for anything. There is nothing better than a day out on the water!

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  1. I was wondering if anyone on here has used a chrome airbrush paint or knows where to get some. Im looking for a rapala husky jerk style finish. Im using a pearl silver but doesnt have that mirror finish. Thanks a lot guys i do appreciate it. This site is amazing!!!
  2. Sly41985

    3D Eyes

    Thanks for the replies guys i do appreciate it!!!
  3. Sly41985

    3D Eyes

    Yeah i see that. There are tons of sites just trying to figure out which ones were best to buy from. I usually use soft 3d eyes but never used hard how do they compare? Thanks for the reply!
  4. Sly41985

    3D Eyes

    What place has the best looking and best fitting eyes?
  5. Thank you very much for all the replies i do appreciate it! I saw concrete sealer on here and had no idea what they were talking about. Lol. Ive ordered the devcon 2 ton online and its been shipped to my house already set up. Thats why i was looking for something that would be closer to home. Ill have to try the bob smith and Envirotex. Again thanks for all the replies i do appreciate it. This site rules!
  6. Thanks i do appreciate the feedback. What are some of the other epoxys that would be good for clear coating? Any epoxy from a michaels or a lowes that i could use? I have both of those stores literally less than a mile from my house.
  7. I normally use the devcon 2ton epoxy. the store i went to did not have that but it did have the same brand but 5min 1500psi epoxy has anyone ever used this for clear coating? Anyone have an idea on how well or not well it would work? thanks i do appreciate the feedback! Shawn
  8. Sweet! Thanks for all the help guys ... does this mean i should invest in a fluid bed too?? i know it helps to make thinner coats
  9. Before curing i pop the eye of the hook out so paint doesnt cure over it. sometimes in oven after curing i see that the paint has dripped back over the hole closing it and now it is cured. what can i do to help solve this problem? Thanks Shawn
  10. I would def agree with this " The better you get at it the more you want to try different things" i cant say much because i started ... this past january. but over those few months ive learned alot and acquired a few things. 5 molds, lee pot, and more ... ive just ordered about $300 in the past week and a half on a bunch of new things. im learning that the possibilities are endless. keeps it very interesting for sure! not to mention a lot of fun! Shawn
  11. Sly41985

    "Birdseye Perch"

    that looks beautiful!
  12. Sly41985


    I went to that site and it does have a lot of good information. Thanks! Shawn
  13. Sly41985


    alright sounds good ... except the fact that poured all of them with the weed guard it :-/ but a note to self for next time! Thanks a lot! Shawn
  14. Sly41985


    Yeah its a good thing i only tried it will a little sample size instead of the whole jar. Ive been doing some research and saw that you always have to use a base coat when vinyl painting. i didnt know that you have to use a specific paint thinner though. i tried dipping just a little jig yesterday in vinyl and saw how it formed the nipple and how you have to kinda wipe it off. i have been looking into air brushing and can see that powder is the way to go. now do you need those little jars for every single different color you are using?? how do you go about using different colors exactly?? ive been trying to find things on youtube but i never get what im looking for. Thanks for the help! Shawn
  15. Sly41985


    Yeah a friend told me to buy mineral spirits from walmart. i kinda figured it was the wrong thinner since it did that. i would love more info on how to use powder paint (im not exactly sure what PM means) because your avatar looks beautiful! did you airbrush that??
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