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  1. This is exactly the issues I was running into. The tools I was using had too much surface area and the glue was sticking to the tool. I started using a small kitchen SS skewer that I imagine works similar to your bodkin. So far this works better than the exacto knife or tweezers.
  2. Thanks guys, guess I'm on the right track but definitely need more practice. It's a slow process. Only other tool I could think of would be a long needle like the ones used for stitching and embroidery. But was wondering if you could see the hole marks left behind.
  3. Probably a silly question, but I'll ask anyway. What type of tool are ya'll using to grab 3D eyes off the sheet and apply to your lures? I tried tweezers but they didn't work that well. Now, I'm using a small X-Acto blade. Looking for other options.
  4. Eagle Claw #255 Size 3/0 - Qty: 600 = $40 Free Shipping/Tracking. No Taxes. Inbox/PM to purchase.
  5. Eagle Claw #775 Size 1/0 Treble 4X Strong - Qty: 800 = $100 Eagle Claw #775 Size 1 Treble 4X Strong - Qty: 1000 = $100 Free Shipping/Tracking. No Taxes. Inbox/PM to purchase.
  6. Sniper

    VMC 9170NI 5/0 Hooks

    VMC Siwash #9170NI Size 5/0 3X Strong Closed Eye - Qty: 1000 = $100 VMC Siwash #9170NI Size 5/0 3X Strong Closed Eye - Qty: 400 = $50 Free Shipping/Tracking. No Taxes. Inbox/PM to purchase.
  7. Does someone here have the tabletop machine and capabilities to make a wire form at least .062? If this is a possibility, I will send you a picture and then a sample. Feel free to send a PM or email Troy at: Fishing@StriperSniper.com Thanks!
  8. Sniper

    3D Molded Eyes

    I have the following 3D molded eyes for sale. These are made by WTP and the same ones you get from Barlows and others. Lot 1: $55.00 - shipped 3/16" - Color 181(Silver) = 880 3/16" - Color 25 (Red) = 937 Lot 2: $55.00 - shipped 7/32" - Color 181(Silver) = 898 7/32" - Color 25 (Red) = 946 Lot 3: $35.00 - shipped 1/4" - Color 181(Silver) = 700 1/4" - Color 25(Red) = 400 fishing@stripersniper.com Thanks!
  9. I want to purchase a used 1-Station Tabletop Shuttle Machine manufactured by PowerPak Industries. These are used to make blister packs. Any advice or contacts are appreciated. Thanks, Troy fishing@stripersniper.com
  10. wchilton, I'm looking for custom wholesale in bulk. I should have clarified that. Thanks....
  11. Thanks Jdeee, I'm about ready to give up. I know most of them are made overseas but was hoping someone might have a contact.
  12. Anyone have a source for the marine grade offshore lure bags? The kind that have a vinyl front and mesh back? Thanks! Troy
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