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  1. I was thinking if someone tries to stack a Colorado style blade it might be effective only if it was a deep cup blade. The operative word is might. I've made inlines for a long time but I never had a need to use one with double blades .
  2. OTSISMI is correct . There is a double clevis designed for running 2 blades. I've been out of the business so long I can't remember who makes it. But it would be Hagen's or Lakeland I think.
  3. Have you got a pic of one made up . When you cast it do you just start reeling when it hits the water? Because if you do a lot of in lines don't get going by doing that . As it sinks pop the rod tip . This causes the blade to move farther from the shaft. Then real quickly . You should feel resistance as the blade spins. After that you can slow your retrieve to the desired speed and the blade should continue to spin.
  4. I use folded clevises only on inline spinners . If you put a bead above the clevis it can be plastic . Below the clevis I use a metal bead to act as a bearing . The metal won't wear and hang like a plastic one can . Part of your lure body spin can come from restriction on the blade being able to turn.
  5. I have no words for such a great loss.
  6. Make sure you secure that wire before you try to smooth the tag end. I let one get away from me and it went into my hand. Stayed sore for a month.
  7. Awh shucks I ain't no master at nothing. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I don't think I ever charged 10 bucks for a jig. But that thing has them dang Gamy hooks in it I bet . E.C. and Mustad have served me well all these years . Never lost a fish from breaking or bending . But then my fish usually just have a head and a tail hanging from my hand when I get the hook out.
  8. It's a Do-It poison tail. The marabou is tied on first then the buck tail is cinched . After that the flash (yellow pearl) or synthetic is added . Finished tying the throat and clear coat the threads. Epoxy in the weed guard, Add grub of choice. Looks like Brown top hair , bottom hair olive. Can't tell on the marabou but if I was going to put it in there It would be black to complement the other colors.
  9. The only way I could ever track the success of a pattern I built was through sales when I was in business. I have a list someplace of those lures. But if you make complicated patterns make notes like a bill of material and a picture. Then when you get old as me it will be handy .
  10. I second what Jig Man said. A lot of people seem to want to buy those expensive hooks . Gamy ect. I absolutely won't . Chances of missing a fish or breaking a regular hook like an Eagle Claw isn't worth the money to me . Besides E.C. and Mustad have served me well for many years.
  11. Try this, take the tips out of your injector. Place the ends on a flat surface and push down until you gently make contact. Then loosen the set screws that control the plunger depth. push down hold pressure while you tighten the screws back. Put tips back in. This will help to insure the injector is putting out equal amounts on both sides. Providing your hand pressure is steady and equal.
  12. Youtube has videos on home electro plating. There are some paints that have Nano technology I hear are the best , As far as I know they are not readily available in The U.S. I tried to order some out of country but was told it could not be shipped here.
  13. I hang them while on the runner. Then leave them about 3 days. Bag with scent . I put the scent in a spray bottle so I can spray the inside of the bag . Makes it easier to get the plastic to go in. I also made some skids I lay the plastics on to slide them in a uniform position into the bag. I put worm oil on those to make them slippery. Just my way and personal preference.
  14. It will do that if you have boogers in your plastic(unmelted plastic chunks)
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