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  1. Best Respirator For Plastisol?
  2. It is Deadon Featherlight,maybe that’s why it’s so thin Its a gallon jug so hard to stir After vigorous shaking it got better
  3. Shook it until my arms were sore,got better seems to draw strange and make odd looking plugs I am not a injection expert
  4. I am sure this has been asked before but, have tried every mix,heat etc but this stuff is just water,can not even suspend glitter in it. Totally at a loss!
  5. If you are pulling 2 or 3 different colors thru a skirt tool when the tabs are just inside the tube lift and separate the two top tabs leaving the bottom tab alone. Pull thru.they should look separated. Glued skirts solve this problem
  6. Looking for safety pin or double coil Spinnerbait wires
  7. The last 1000 swivels I purchased from Worth 200 were frozen. I didn’t discover it until a lot of baits were packaged for retail. Had to ruin the packaging and test them all.
  8. Worth has nice blades but I don’t care for some of their plating. I have some inventory in gold if interested.
  9. kingmfg

    Wet Profile

    Excellent,would like one
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